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Your Love Horoscopes

During the Valentine month of February the sexy planets Venus and Mars are both sashaying through the sign of fiery Aries. Passion or pandemonium? It all depends…  Read on to discover how this will affect your love life.



Expect to have your emotions stirred in a way you’ve not felt for a long time. Not only will your feelings be strong, you will probably take a ‘What the hell’ attitude when it comes to following them and expressing them. This month could be a roller-coaster ride – one minute you’re sky high, next you’re deflated, but the overall message is excitement and fulfillment. You go!
YOUR LOVE MOTTO Whatever happens be true to yourself.


Why are you acting this way? You might not be sure what motivates you but it takes you over at inconvenient moments, sometimes meaning you shoot yourself in the foot. Listen to your true desires, not those of others, and take the time to be sure what you want in relationships and your sex life. The real you is begging to be heard. Don’t you deserve true gratification?
YOUR LOVE MOTTO Follow your dreams.


Gossip? Don’t you just love it! There’s plenty going on in your friendship group to keep tongues wagging, but never make judgements. Sparks can fly for you across a crowded room and you could surprise yourself. If you’re hitched paint the town with your lover and make a wish. Your shared goals and visions will bring you closer.
YOUR MOTTO IS Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.



Do you play with your A team? Or do you generally settle for B? You aren’t always as confident as you could be, but now you can boost your self-esteem. Don’t think of anyone as ‘out of your league’ because you deserve the best, and it’s coming your way. If you’re already committed you can make things better if you’re determined to work at it.


YOUR MOTTO IS Aim high, think positive.



You love a little drama in life so some adventure and a touch of the exotic is good news for you. Someone whose beliefs or culture are different from yours could light your fire and whisk you off into new territory. If you’re in a partnership you should explore new places and ideas together or follow a shared spiritual path, to recreate that special vibe.
YOUR MOTTO IS Fortune favours the brave.


You can be quite restrained and modest but deep within you are very sensual – and this is your time for real passion. A new contact will make you aware of just how sexual you can be – don’t hold back. If you already have a lover, look for ways to spice things up and have a love-fest to remember. Strong feelings can transform you.
YOUR MOTTO IS Let yourself go.


Fairness and equality are so important to you. They are within your reach and any new relationship that starts now will be with someone who totally respects you and wants to have proper understanding – bliss! It’s what the poet called ‘A meeting of true minds.’ Existing relationships can benefit immensely from staying calm and talking things through.
YOUR LOVE MOTTO IS Peace and love to all.


Keeping slim and healthy ups your pulling power in more ways than one. Romance can find you while you’re pumping iron or running, or even at your local slimming club. It’s not just where you are – it’s that ‘can do’ attitude that hauls ‘em in. If you’re already in a partnership, getting fit together will strengthen your bond and turn you on.
YOUR LOVE MOTTO IS Healthy means sexy.


Be honest! You’re a flirt and you like to play the field. Get ready for an exciting time with plenty of dates and lots of attention. It’s best to take things lightly and really enjoy yourself – why tie yourself down with commitment? If you already have a partner then make sure you have fun together. Do something different and/or share a creative project so you can be enthusiastic together.
YOUR LOVE MOTTO IS Play together, stay together.


Security of all kinds is vital to you, so the news that love is close at hand, within your friendship group or through your family should be welcome. Issues from the past could come up – be brave and face them because it will be worth it. Existing relationships will be cosy, with lots to share but try not to argue about silly details and never let the sun go down on anger.
YOUR LOVE MOTTO IS Love blossoms in the sunshine of positive thinking.


Lots of invitations and messages are on their way and even though you’re a sociable soul your head could be buzzing. Try not to turn anything down because the love you’re looking for could be waiting in the crowd. If you have a partner, socialize together and talk about all your impressions and experiences. You’ll come up with interesting plans and ideas to take you forwards together.
YOUR LOVE MOTTO IS Don’t miss the buying signals!


For you ‘I’d like’ turns into ‘I want’ and into ‘I must have’ very quickly now. By all means follow your desires but be careful that you don’t become preoccupied by someone unavailable just because they are. It’s not like you to be possessive so curtail any impulse to control an existing partner. This is a sensual time when you can use your sex appeal to get what you want. Enjoy yourself and remember your true values.
YOUR LOVE MOTTO IS Wanting what you have means happiness.



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PUBLISHED: 24 February 2017
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