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March Predictions


Your stars for the month ahead March 2015. 





With your own ruling planet, fiery Mars in your sign there will be no stopping you!  Tackle anything that you’ve been putting off, because you now have the energy and courage needed.
AVOID losing your temper.
FOCUS ON making significant changes.


You find yourself caring for others and it’s very rewarding.  But don’t overcommit.  The last ten days of the month will bring lots of opportunities to chill, and indulge yourself.
AVOID being lazy.
FOCUS ON random acts of kindness.


Some exciting opportunities early in the month give way to an emphasis on your career.  The more information you have the clearer your choices will be.
AVOID unrealistic schemes.
FOCUS ON sharpening up your image.


Busy, busy, busy – your time will be filled with visitors, visiting and answering messages.  This will be lovely, but make sure you don’t lose the plot!
AVOID ignoring the small print
FOCUS ON practical solutions.


This month’s solar eclipse could make you lose heart, temporarily.  This won’t last, but meanwhile don’t be too proud to get some support and pampering.
AVOID anyone who isn’t encouraging and positive.
FOCUS ON any underlying issues that could bring you down.


Relationships are key, but you need to let go of your perfectionist ideals.  Listen to what’s said to you, because true understanding will create bonds.
AVOID making assumptions.
FOCUS ON shared goals.


Fairness is deeply important to you, and you’re on a mission for justice and equality.  But after 18th something more personal will preoccupy you.  Don’t be afraid to change your mind.
AVOID being on your soapbox.
FOCUS ON being honest about your feelings.


Spring is in the air and its time to get cleaning!  You know you need a sort-out and the stars are bringing you the oomph you need.  Tidy your home and you’ll tidy your head!
AVOID obsessive thoughts – do they matter?  No!
FOCUS ON raising your game.


The sense of adventure that you love is yours, especially mid month.  Choose something mind-expanding, not just a glitzy escapade.
AVOID forgetting the needs of your loved ones.
FOCUS ON new ways of looking at life.


The sense of insecurity you feel isn’t justified, but it will help if you can recognize what’s triggering it.  Tie up any loose ends and definitely think positive.
AVOID going over past mistakes.
FOCUS ON all you’ve achieved and your next step.


New information could rock you for a day or two – probably in a good way, but any change can be stressful.  There’s no need to react immediately – take your time.
AVOID digging your heels in.
FOCUS ON mindfulness and inner poise.


An adjustment to your daily routine will benefit you hugely.  Think about contact with pets, a little more exercise, a little less sitting about – inspiration is arriving!
AVOID too much day-dreaming.
FOCUS ON vitamins minerals and getting enough sleep.
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