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Happy Birthday Libra

If you have a Libra star sign, meaning your birthday is between September 24 and October 23, now is the best time could there be for taking stock. Remind yourself of your inherent Libra characteristics and talents, face your challenges and get set for a great year ahead. Let’s take a look at what Libras can expect in 2016!

Saturn in your House of Communication could give rise to misunderstandings and delays with admin, documents and necessary information. There may also be technical hitches. This will help you add more clarity and precision to your Libra characteristics. You may even decide to go on a course, to put your knowledge on a sounder basis, the net result being that you feel more authoritative and empowered.
Jupiter in your House of Secrets and the Unconscious will make you more in touch with spirituality and the needs of others. You will need to be careful that you don’t give too much away because your sympathies can be readily played upon. However, you will have a greater sense of the mystical, which can bring you joy.
In the upcoming year, be cautious with:
  • being indecisive – don’t miss out through sitting on the fence
  • putting things off – get those chores out of the way
  • giving in too easily
  • that lazy streak
Your sign is ruled by Venus, planet of love, and love and relationships rule your world. Having a ‘significant other’ means more to you than most signs, because you need that companionship and balance. Charming and considerate, you easily attract partners and you re a great one for compromise and cooperation. Although you are warm and loving, a meeting of minds matters more than bodice-ripping, and you’ll do anything to avoid rows.
You work hard at partnerships, being kind, understanding and tactful. In your head you have an ideal vision, so sometimes you can be disappointed – but you’re unlikely to give in to negativity. You will build Camelot, one way or another!
Being a natural diplomat, you’re at home in any liaison work, HR, law, reception, beauty therapy, fashion, art and academia. You have a gift for creating beautiful surroundings but although you may seem ‘fluffy’ you have a sharp and analytical mind, with a flair for logic. Your charm is legend, and you can get people onside with a word and a smile. Often you progress through personal appeal as much as ability.
It’s hard for you to make up your mind, so don’t let this hold you back. List your priorities and get advice from someone you respect.

Your sign is Cardinal Air. The ‘Cardinal’ part means that despite your easy-going nature you like to feel you’re getting somewhere. The ‘Air’ element means thoughts and ideas are important to you and you prefer to have the facts and be rational. Fairness and justice are essential to you as a Libra, and you always try to be surrounded by serenity and beauty – in fact you are known as the zodiac ‘peacemaker’.
Schmoozing the boss comes naturally – you don’t do it for a raise but you get one anyway. You’re good at balancing the books and thinking clearly about what’s essential and what’s a luxury, but you often find you’ve overspent on something gorgeous that you couldn’t resist. Because of your strong Libra characteristics, it’s hard for you to say ‘No’, you may lend to friends and give in to the pleas of children, leaving yourself short. It’s a good idea to put aside a sum that you cannot touch so you can be protected from your own extravagance.
A Libra likes creating beauty, and peace is your natural instinct. Wherever you see ugliness you transform it. You adore music and art, and you may have a talent for some form of creativity. You are also a thinker, and enjoy civilised debate. You like to keep your mind active, so signing up for night school, on-line courses or Open University is recommended. You love to entertain friends and playing Cupid (often very skillfully) brings you secret rewards.
The beauty and tranquillity you value as a Libra just have to be present in your home. Often music will be playing as a background, there will be fresh flowers on display and all in the best possible taste. Visitors are always welcome – you have a laid-back attitude but need to be careful of being taken advantage of because you find it hard to get people to go. Family members are all treated fairly – of course – and there is an atmosphere of gentleness and balance that is harmonious with typical Libra characteristics. Housework doesn’t appeal to you, but you’re good at hiding the mess under the bed or sofa!
Of course the astrology of your birth sign or star sign can only ever be a background sketch. More detailed and exact advice for your Libra 2016 horoscope is readily available to you, however. Monthly Horoscopes are there for you. Get Free Horoscopes and Psychic insight at TheCircle. If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert Readers at TheCircle without delay.
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