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June 2015 Predictions


Your stars for the month ahead...



You can show just how creative and talented you are, or you could laze around doing very little.  There will be opportunities for both – no prizes for guessing which is going to leave you feeling the most satisfied with yourself!
AVOID demanding attention, whether you deserve it or not.
FOCUS ON being romantic, inventive and playful.


Visitors to your home will bring joy and family problems can now be healed.  Tackle some DIY because you’ll get huge satisfaction from making your home more beautiful and comfortable.
AVOID impulse buys of wallpaper, paint, furniture and carpets.
FOCUS ON spending time with relatives and the things you share.


Some lovely compliments are on their way – make a note of these to increase your self-esteem and don’t be crazy enough to argue with them!  Say a few nice things in return.
AVOID insincerity – there are plenty of genuine pleasant comments to make.
FOCUS ON being optimistic and creating positive spin.


Money worries will be soothed and in fact you will be lucky with the folding stuff.  Treat yourself, and buy a few well-chosen gifts to make friends and family smile.
AVOID extravagance.  It will result in anxiety
FOCUS ON investments, savings accounts and ways to increase what you’ve got. .


No-one loves to laze and luxuriate more than you and this month just listen to you purr!  You can charm the pants off anyone now, so beam that smile where it counts.
AVOID putting off all the dreary jobs.  Breeze through a few while you’re feeling mellow.
FOCUS ON living in the precious present.


You’re always doing things for other people, only now it’s rewarding.  A bit of appreciation and a little ‘thank you’ gift or two will make everything worthwhile.
AVOID keeping account of all you give and do.  Let it flow freely – research shows that doing good deeds ups your own mood.
FOCUS ON those who really need help, not the freeloaders.


Being popular isn’t new – after all, ‘charm’ is your middle name.  But you’re radiating a certain something now and your social life is amazing.  Don’t spread yourself too thin.
AVOID giving in to cheap flattery.  Treat ‘em mean (just an itsy bit!) keep ‘em keen.
FOCUS ON pastimes that really interest you.


What are your secret ambitions?  Lady Luck is smiling on them now but you must be clear about what you want.  Don’t be afraid to dream big, however...
AVOID lapsing into pure fantasy, however lovely it is.
FOCUS ON taking the next/first step and schmoozing those who matter.


Foreign lands and people from other cultures are generally important for you, and now more so.  Open your mind and be ready to look from a different perspective.  Excitement is in store!
AVOID getting carried away by an alluring idea.
FOCUS ON plans for mental and physical travel.


We all have sides to ourselves that we conceal, and deep feelings of which we may be ashamed.  Have the courage to reveal some of yours now, and you’ll receive reassuring acceptance.
AVOID hanging on to self-defeating behaviour.
FOCUS ON listening to your inner self and being honest with those close to you.


Your relationships can truly blossom now.  Partners, close friends and colleagues can all make you appreciate your best qualities.  Make sure you do the same in return.
AVOID taking anyone for granted.  We all need to be told we’re loved and appreciated.
FOCUS ON smoothing out any points of disagreement.


Being healthy isn’t just being free from disease – it means bursting with vitality and well-being.  You can feel so much better now, with some common-sense lifestyle tweaks.
AVOID fad diets and strenuous exercise.
FOCUS ON healthy eating, sensible supplements and regular walking in the Midsummer air!

Of course the astrology of your birth sign can only ever be a general sketch.  More detailed and exact advice is readily available to you, however.  Get free horoscopes and psychic insight at The Circle.  If you want to know more about yourself and your year ahead, call one of our expert readers at The Circle without delay.

PUBLISHED: 2 June 2015

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