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I Am In Control Day - March 30th


Do you ever feel that events are running away with you and that you have lost the ability to manage your life? Observe this empowering international anniversary by getting everything under control, once and for all.

Find out about:
•    Taking stock
•    Single tasking
•    De-cluttering
•    List-making
•    Organisational skills
•    Asking for help
•    Being confident
•    Helping your emotional life





This began in 1981, when there was an assassination attempt on President Reagan.  While he was being rushed to hospital with a bullet in his lung, Secretary of State Alexander Haig reassured the public and the media by those words.  When everything around you is going crazy, asserting control makes you calm and means you achieve more.  The following strategies will keep you in the driving seat.




Evaluate your life.  Where are things getting out of hand?  Do you feel stressed and rushed?  Are you always fire-fighting, rarely getting to the end of the day with a feeling of achievement?  Affirm to yourself that you can do something about this




Many people pride themselves on being able to multi-task, but that’s largely an illusion.  The brain just can’t deal with more than one issue at a time.  Obviously you can have several pots simmering, but if more than one comes to the boil at the same moment, you’re in trouble.

So, for the most part, deal with projects singly.  If you have gone as far as you can with it, for the time being, put it securely on hold.  If it becomes urgent again, don’t panic.  Always decide on the priority of the moment and complete that first.  

For instance, if you’re planning an event and have left a message with caterers, you can get on with something else while awaiting their return call.  Meanwhile you might like to email people who are attending.  However, don’t even think of taking the caterer’s reply while carrying on emailing, because you risk making a big mistake!  

Always finish a job securely and make any reminder notes for yourself before going on to the next task.




You may have a great memory, but if you try to hold too many things in your head at once, that just piles on the stress.  Once you’re stressed you’re more liable to let something slip your mind.  This doubles the tension, and could mean, on a bad day, that you forget several commitments.

At the start of each week sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and make a list of what you want to achieve.  It only takes a minute, yet feels so empowering.  Every time you cross something off the list you get a kick.

Review your list each day, adding to it if you wish.




Organisation comes more easily to some people than others, but you can learn it.  List-making is the start of it.  If you want to be organized, always stay calm and don’t rush into tasks.  For instance, if you have to go out, make sure you have clear in your head all the errands you have to run and check you have everything you need.  Plan your day so you use your time well.




Being in control means that you captain your own ship.  Even though you may have a boss at work you still need to take responsibility to be personally focused and in control.  Having said this, being in control does not mean you have to go solo.

Always be prepared to ask others for support and advice, where appropriate.  Also, when you hit snags, it’s good to offload to a friend.  Being in control includes knowing whom you can trust and rely on.  We all need others if we are to function well




Everyone makes mistakes and being in control doesn’t mean you’re perfect.  Sometimes you may mess up, or at the very least do things less efficiently than you might wish.  But don’t let that affect you too much.  Try to accept yourself and when you make a decision, move on.  Don’t waste time and energy on doubt and dithering.  What’s done is done – and if it isn’t how you want it to be, well, if you are in control you will be better placed to correct any slip-ups at a later time.




All of the above can be applied to every area of life, not just your job.  For instance, if you are looking for love, wanting to improve a relationship or create more friendships it’s still a good idea to list what you’re going to do, focus on one element at a time, etc.  However, the underlying truth is that when you get one area under control, the rest often seems to fall into place, too.  Control of your life may not make it perfect, but you’ll be closer to perfection, and much better able to cope when you don’t get it!




Taking a break, stopping multi-tasking, de-cluttering, list-making, getting organized, asking for help and displaying confidence are all part of being in control, and these can improve your emotional life too.  But when you’re really in a tizz and all around you seems to have gone crazy, you need a calming influence to steady you.  Our clear-headed, helpful Readers will use their intuitive skills to put you on track, so make a call and take control today!


PUBLISHED: 18 March 2018

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