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Start The Year Sorted!


Use the beneficial aspect between big planets Jupiter and Saturn to get organized.


This January Jupiter and Saturn are in good aspect to one another. The aspect is called a ‘sextile’ and encourages productivity. Find out your best approach to becoming organized and effectual in 2017.



Such lovely plans and dreams go through your head. You want to learn more, experience more, have more adventures, but quite often this remains just a thought. What’s the next step? You can be confused and unconnected. All that can change – you can get your act together if you will only accept support from friends and colleagues to set you on track. Get your point across clearly and pleasantly and take advantage of what’s offered. Listen to advice, don’t always go it alone. FOCUS ON travel, higher education, expanding your spirituality, finding deeper guidance in life.


You like what’s familiar and that can mean you get stuck. If negative patterns become a habit you may still cling to them, because you’re used to them. But now you can take a broader look at your routine and have the courage to make bold changes. Face the fact that certain things have to end and concentrate on what’s positive, specifically your health and fitness. If you think carefully about an exercise schedule that you can truly enjoy you’ll find you slip naturally into it and feel fantastic. FOCUS ON things that have become restricting and past their sell-by date, be brave and let go.


You aren’t always as confident as you appear. In order to cover your vulnerability you flit from place to place rarely settling on anything. But now’s the time to realise what you’re good at and show off. Instead of talking too much, really listen to the guidance of wise people you know, decide what you’re going to do through serious discussion and carry it through. It’s easy to take for granted what you’re good at, but now you can exploit it. Refuse to waste energy on trivia – do more of what makes you happy. FOCUS ON your ways of relating and communicating. Be clear, definite and responsible and you’ll earn respect.


A sense of belonging is so important to you and sometimes this needs work. Your family can consist of relatives, but it may also be your friends whom you care for and who give you security. Concentrate now on enriching this vital base to your life. Remember special dates and commitments, celebrate them and bring people together. Never get moody or take it personally if things don’t go smoothly – you now have the ability to be philosophical and project a warmth that will make people fall in line. FOCUS ON day to day routine, keeping your diary up to date, organising events, occasions and shared meals.


You are generally very broadminded and now as never before you are capable of thinking outside the box. Take an overview of your situation. What do you need to know more about? What should you be studying? Sign up for a course and make sure you are well-informed about useful subjects. This will help you prioritise and focus on the areas of your life in which you can be truly impressive. Remember, knowledge is power. There’s no need to try to keep tabs on all the petty details. FOCUS ON being creative and doing what makes you feel fulfilled. Have fun – it’s a serious business, because it liberates your inspiration.


It’s vital that you get your finances sorted. You are a practical person and knowing your money is in order is essential for your peace of mind. Write out your budget so you can be clear about where your cash is going. You will find that you are wasting some of your resources and you can put them to better use. Research investments and be original when it comes to earning more. Think of yourself as being in control, with money in the bank, and you will create your own abundant reality. FOCUS ON habits you may have got into that aren’t good for you. These come from your subconscious, so be honest with yourself and change them.




You need a personal overhaul – not in the sense of criticising yourself but really weighing up what you want, going forwards  What are you going to do with this one wild, precious thing called ‘life’ with which you have been gifted? Have you been distracted by the needs of others, or with ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’? If tomorrow were your last day what would you do and with whom with you want to spend it? And what gives you spiritual meaning? These truly are the only questions that matter to any of us and you have a chance to answer them now. FOCUS ON being honest with yourself, telling others what they need to hear and carefully listening to all communications that come your way.


How much, or how little are you doing for other people? It’s wonderful to be charitable but have you been acting from positive motives or letting yourself be guilt-tripped? Are you perhaps shooting yourself in the foot? Be kind to yourself now – don’t you deserve it? If so, why not? Sort out those internal voices telling you that you don’t deserve things. If you feel unworthy take it as read that this is wrong and find out what’s going on. Find out what’s motivating you subconsciously, so you have control over your life. FOCUS ON your set of values. This should be yours, no-one else’s. Then list your aims in order of priority for 2017.


You often take your social life very casually, expecting people to take you as they find you, but your confidence isn’t at its highest now and you may be wondering what’s wrong. Don’t get depressed because there’s so much love and support for you out there. Be open with friends, commit to social engagements, offer to organise events and give practical help. Your dearest wishes and long-held dreams can come true but not through being alone, or just assuming all will be well. FOCUS ON keeping commitments, walking your talk, being self-disciplined and observing boundaries.


Always ambitious (although you don’t always show it) this year offers you a fantastic opportunity to get ahead. Be very clear about what you want to achieve. Avoid being controlled by envy of others or by status symbols. You can now lay the foundations of long-term success if you concentrate on those elements that are a true expression of you, and your talents. You can also impress people in power – always make sure that you show yourself at your best. Physically this means being smart and well-groomed, mentally taking charge in a sensible, dignified manner. You go! FOCUS ON not being influenced by those inner, negative voices that say you’re not good enough. List your talents and achievements and read, and extend daily.


Ideals and the meanings of life truly motivate you, and in many ways you are a spiritual seeker. The coming year will open out new viewpoints. You will feel inspired and connected to something greater than our usual mundane lives. However, it would be all too easy to get carried away, to believe you have an answer that is valid for everyone, not just you, and even to want to preach. As long as you simply follow your own inner light, you will have peace and joy. This may mean a daily routine of meditation, which will lift you. FOCUS ON dreams that have been around for a long while, and that you may even have given up on. Plan your tasks, take one step at a time, and you’ll amaze yourself.


Your sensitivity and concern for others can mean that you shrink from making changes that are really necessary for your freedom and growth as a person. But no more! Now you are prepared to be radical. ‘Life is too short’ may be your motto. This is not a rehearsal, and the fact that we are all here for what is actually quite a short time comes home to you. This puts your options into fresh perspective. What you choose may surprise you as much as others, but as long as you follow your instincts you will be fine. Just one little word of warning – don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! FOCUS ON cool material ambition. Take emotions out of the picture and scheme cleverly.



The planets can give us useful pointers, but there’s nothing like a real, insightful and supportive human advisor to pick you up when your spirits are low. If you need support and guidance our Readers are always just a call away, so why not get in contact and feel uplifted today.



PUBLISHED: 10 January 2017



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