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Chinese Year Of The Dog


Chinese New Year is governed by the cycles of the Moon, and so each new year begins at a different time. The Year of the Dog is eleventh in a cycle of 12 Animals, each with their own special ‘vibe’. You will need to find your own animal year of birth, so you can discover what the coming months will bring to you. Then you can make the best of what’s available.




Just like the actual dogs, Dog Years highlight the importance of guardianship, loyalty to home and family, and bonding with those closest. They can also mean some anxiety, ‘gnawing’ on problems and making a fuss about threats that are mostly trivial. To keep all in proportion, follow our sign-by-sign guide.



Everything looks good – but looks can be deceptive and you must be careful not to overcommit. You can be impetuous, but this year things are more complicated than they seem at first. It’s not that there’s anything disastrous in store, but people could be tricky.  Compromise where you need to, be sensible and say no to anything dodgy. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. Helpful people are available, so take their advice. Find peace in nature and with pets for some thorough chillax.




You’ve never been a quitter and this year you’ll need every ounce of perseverance you can muster. There will be people who want to lean on you just a little too much – don’t let them take advantage. Sometimes it may seem as if you’re in a mad house, but you will radiate calm if you stick to practicalities. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. Go out and meet people. There’s lots of love interest if you’re single. If you’re coupled-up this is a fab year to commit totally, and get married.




Emotionally this looks like a slice of Heaven as romance is on its way and your home life promises love and peace. Everyone seems to want to be your friend and to give you a helping hand. There’s just one possible pitfall – you could let this go to your head. But now you’ve been warned, you won’t go there! THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. You love to make an impression and you can’t fail to do just that if you always look your best. All the good stuff coming your way can turn into permanent assets if you focus.




Good news! You can breathe a sigh of relief because the insecurity of the last two years is a thing of the past. You can make up for lost time and succeed in all areas. It’s lovely to have those close to you being so supportive and your confidence soars. You go! THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. The world is your oyster, so ask yourself what you want and pursue it. No hiding in the back room. Aim for the stars in love, money and career. You are limited only by your beliefs.




You must try to see things from the other person’s point of view or you could find yourself in hot water. Flamboyant and super-confidant, you like to be noticed, but best not to come on too strong. Think before you speak and put your favourite projects on hold for a while. You may not carry all before you, but show restraint and you’ll enjoy moderate success. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. Some snuggly times at home will cushion you through the tough spots. You’ll learn that friends and family are what really count.




Things haven’t been easy over the past few years but now obstacles seem to be melting away and all your secret dreams and schemes can be given a go. Some will be almost effortlessly successful. The only drawback is that you could be rushed off your feet, but the rewards will make it worthwhile. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. Security is always important to you and you can now find effective ways to keep safe what you treasure.




Wow! So many opportunities and fresh fields to gallop in. The only problem is you could spend your time dashing gleefully here and there but end up achieving little of real value. It’s fine to dabble with a variety of choices, but settle for one or two sooner rather than later if you want to succeed. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. You love to learn new stuff and there will be interesting courses for you to go on and new skills to acquire. Most things can improve as long as you’re consistent.




Believe in yourself and you can’t fail. Let those doubts and negative fantasies get the better of you and you court disappointment. The only thing to fear is fear itself. If you can learn to control your imagination and visualise a bright future, then that’s what you’ll get. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. Enjoy simple creature comforts – good food, gentle exercise and plenty of rest. Balance your energies with yoga and meditation, and become more self-aware.




The devil’s in the detail, so don’t be slapdash. Lady Luck always has a soft spot for you and she won’t desert you, but don’t make it tough for her by being taken in by scams and sob stories, and by people who are tricky enough to manipulate even you. The pace will be fast and you can go far, but don’t lose your compass. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. Love-life looks sublime, so don’t hold back. The Year of the Dog is great for tying the knot and this applies especially to you.




Some may call you fussy, but maybe they don’t have your high standards, so don’t listen. If you cut corners you could let yourself down – and that’s not a feeling you want. Keep your pride and perfectionism. Work hard and create a professional impression. As long as you’re satisfied with what you produce, you’ll triumph. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. Talking things through and meeting others half way will be enriching, and will deepen your relationships with your partner, close friends and colleagues.




Of course this is your year and you can reasonably expect it to go your way. If you’ve lost out in the recent past you can now regain control. You can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, retrieve what seemed gone for good and make every effort count. So dream big and don’t let any anxiety creep in. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. You aren’t a one to grab centre stage, but now you must push forward. Drop your cynicism and bask in the compliments and kindness you receive.




Face up to problems and tackle difficult tasks without trying to get away with it. Self discipline will make you feel more powerful, but if you don’t get off the couch you risk depression. This year may have a slow start, but it will pick up if you bite the bullet and you may end up achieving more than you dreamed. THIS WILL MAKE YOU WAG YOUR TAIL. The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, as the Chinese proverb tells us. Always count what you have done, even keep a journal of achievements small and large and you’ll be encouraged.




Advice about your year can help you to succeed, but for more specific guidance there’s nothing to equal an in depth consultation with one of our Readers. Get in touch today and give yourself the chance of having your best year ever!



PUBLISHED: 01 February 2018



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