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Celebrate the Spring Equinox


The Equinox falls on March 20th, and is an important festival celebrated since the dawn of civilization.  Find out how you can become part of the cycle of the seasons and enjoy this special time.

Read all about:
•    What the Equinox is
•    New starts
•    Spring cleaning
•    Equinox activities to try




It’s the point when day and night are of equal length all over the world, because the sun is overhead at the Equator.  There are two Equinoxes, in March and September.  For us in the Northern Hemisphere the March Equinox is the Spring Equinox, when days start to be longer than nights and the sun appears to be moving northwards.  It is also the point when the Sun moves into the fiery, assertive sign of Aries

Structures such as Stonehenge were built to mark cycles like the Equinoxes.  In times gone by, the turn of the seasons and the approach of the sun meant survival.  Although it isn’t the same for us now, seasonal cycles still govern our lives.  So it can benefit your well-being to be aware of the Equinox, to harmonise with Nature and use the Equinox energies positively.




During the early Spring making a fresh start just ‘feels right.’  Maybe you made New Year’s Resolutions (and possibly haven’t kept them!).  Maybe the first flowers and glimpses of increasing brightness inspired you in February – or perhaps you felt it was still too cold and bleak.  Now at the Equinox may be your best chance to re-boot your life. 

Of course, you can overhaul your life at any time you choose.  However, after the Equinox the ‘vibe’ is more about blossoming and growing.  Far better to put a few plans in motion so you can truly get into your stride towards the end of March.





Brighter light shows up all the dust, grimy patches and muddly corners.  It’s easy to get used to such things and not to realise how they are affecting your mood and making you feel negative and heavy.  Do you need it?  No!

Spring cleaning can be as hasty or as thorough as your time and mood allow.  You don’t have to clear the loft, shampoo carpets and upholstery and redecorate throughout in order to greet the Spring – that is unless you want to.  Just look around you and tackle the worst, especially if it’s getting you down.

One thing that will really make a difference is cleaning windows and windowsills.  That will emphasis the extra light and can be so inspiring!  Who knows what you’ll be up for next!




Here are a few activities to get you in Spring Equinox mode:

  • Plant some seeds.  Even if you only have access to a very small plot, or just a few pots, seeing that fragile yet determined new growth appear will be a tonic
  • Detox your diet.  Review what you eat and cut down on food with lots of sugar, trans-fats and additives.  Eat fresh local produce and drink lots of water
  • How do you spend your time?  Become aware of the hours you spend on activities that do not enrich you.  This may include certain TV programmes, social media or lying in bed!  Make a commitment to free up several hours a week for something more constructive….
  •  … and use your extra time to devote to a new hobby.  What have you always dreamt of doing?  From learning to paint, to playing an instrument, doing a new sport or social activity, you can use your time better and experience a sense of achievement
  • Get out and about.  If there’s one thing the extra light encourages us to do it’s to go outdoors.  Nature is waiting for you.  Enjoy walks in fields, parks and woods, listen to the birds and breathe deeply of the fresh air
  • Start a journal.  If you don’t already do this you’ll find it ‘connects’ you better with your life, so you’re more aware of what you do and feel
  • Become a list-maker!  It’s a great way to focus your mind!  Each day have a list of tasks you want to complete.  No matter if any or all have to be carried over to the next day – the point is you’re clear about what you want to accomplish and will eventually get there
  • Go somewhere different.  There are sure to be places close by that you’ve never visited and ones further away that call to you. Travel can widen your mind, so who knows what ideas could take you over?
  • Do a small ritual.  This can change your consciousness, uplifting you and harmonising you with Spring.  Find a bright yellow candle and rub into it some fresh lemon juice and orange juice.  Wash your hands if they’re sticky, think about one thing you want to change and engrave it roughly on the candle, with a pin.  Go for a walk, gather some bright greenery, ring your candle with this and burn it on the day of the Equinox or a day or two later – whenever you can see the sickle of the New Moon in the evening sky



The encouraging arrival of the Equinox can boost you out of your winter doldrums, and we’ve looked at what the Equinox actually is, making new starts, spring cleaning and a list of Equinox-appropriate activities.  Hopefully this will lift you, but perhaps the best way of all to set your Equinox innovations in motion is by having a consultation with one of our Readers.  Don’t delay, don’t feel down – put in a call and give yourself the spring treat you need.


PUBLISHED: 12 March 2018


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