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Celebrate Ufo Day July


Have you ever seen an Unidentified Flying Object?  Do you believe that aliens exist?  Surely it is arrogant to assume we are the only intelligent beings in the Universe?  If there are creatures with technology advanced enough to cross the void of space to get to us, they should be able to hide their presence from us.  However, there are many people who say they have seen aliens and some tell of spiritual awakening, through this contact.




Only a few centuries ago people believed that the sun went round the earth and the existence of countless other planets that might support life was completely unknown.  If there were any encounters with otherworld beings they would have been assumed to be ghosts, or fairies.  In fact there are some similarities between fairies and ‘little green men’, in the pointed face-shape and ears.  The kind of time lapse reported by some people when they believe they have been taken aboard an alien ship parallels folk tales of people taken into the Hollow Hills, or the Land of Faerie, where they believe they have stayed for a day.  In fact they have been gone many years.  So stories of alien abduction are not  necessarily a totally modern phenomenon.


The most famous UFO incident took place near Roswell, New Mexico, on July 2nd 1947.  This is why July 2nd has been chosen as UFO Day.  A spaceship reportedly crashed in the desert and the American Air Force issued a bulletin to the effect they had captured a flying saucer, but this was quickly retracted.  Instead the official account was of a crashed weather balloon.  This didn’t stop many rumours circulating however, and there were reports of autopsies on alien corpses and debris that included a pliable metal, beyond current technology.  The remains were taken to Wright-Patterson Base under conditions of tight security.  Since then the authorities have persistently denied that anything significant happened.



There have been many accounts by eye-witnesses and locals to support the crashed space-ship theory.  There also exists a film seemingly showing alien autopsies.  On the other hand, there has also been a suggestion that the US government was involved in the design of a top secret weather balloon, which crashed at Roswell.  Despite all evidence, discussion and speculation, what happened at Roswell is still a mystery and all we really know is that we have not been told the truth.


PUBLISHED: 30 June 2017

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