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Your Sign’s Guide To Beltane Bliss April 2017


Saturn, planet of restriction and life-lessons, obstructs the loving vibe of Venus just when we all need the joys of Spring.  Beltane, ancient festival of passion and pleasure, comes on April 30th – who wants the Beltane blues? Check out our sign-by-sign guide to clear your path to delight.




Although you’re in a very giving mood, there’s something within you that wants to break out and feel free. The more you tell yourself to be unselfish the more you yearn for what you can’t have. Result – discontent and strops.
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE arrives when you realise martyr isn’t a good look, especially for fiery Aries! Draw the line and gently insist on your ‘me’ time, your freedom and your slice of adventure. You’ll get more support than you expect.


You have such lovely friends and there’s so much fun to be had with them but you can’t help being aware of undercurrents and repressed feelings. Sometimes you feel envious, aware of losses when you should be partying.
BLISSED OUT BELTANE is within your reach when you stop trying to control people and situations, enjoy what you’ve got and live in the moment. Appreciate the best in everyone, including yourself, and you’ll get more of the same.


Fate seems to be smiling on some of your ambitions. Your talents are being appreciated and you’re naturally coming on with charisma and charm. So why is it those close to you are putting so many obstacles in your path?
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE can be yours when you see that those who love you aren’t being mean – they just want the best for you. Take some of their sensible advice and your success will be sweeter.


New thoughts, exciting contacts – even a lovely feeling of spiritual peace – make you aware of how wonderful the world is. You’d be able to enjoy it so much more if it weren’t for the boring little jobs and responsibilities that tie you down.
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE is quite simple! Get the chores out of the way, deal with the small print, give yourself a massive pat on the back and then you’re free to breathe in all that sense of wonderment and fresh possibilities.


Passion and intense experience – these are on offer and you’re ready to move on radically in your emotional life. Why can’t you just be yourself and express your inmost feelings? Something’s holding you back – you’re not usually so unsure.
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE can be yours when you decide that playtime needs to be planned. Yes you can explore yourself, yes there may be unforgettable sensations on offer, but fit these into your existing life and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.




Are your relationship expectations realistic? Have you communicated clearly with those you care about? Floating away on a cloud would be lovely, but keep your common sense. Romance has to fit in with home and family considerations.
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE wafts in when you accept that this is no time to throw away your usual practical approach. Keep your secure base and domestic routines in place – you can still have a wonderful time.


You’re more than usually aware of the little blessings in daily life. Flowers, birds, smiles – why can’t everyone see beauty everywhere, and create peace? You feel misunderstood and it’s hard to get your point across.
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE is yours to enjoy when you stop trying to explain and convince others, and lead by example. Friends will follow you to yoga classes and country walks when they get caught up in your aura of contentment.



You have talents to express, dates to go on (or an existing relationship to pep up) and a demanding inner child yearning to break free, so what’s stopping you? Money! Soooo frustrating – just not enough available funds.

BLISSED-OUT BELTANE can be easily created by realising that the best things in life are free. Scrap expensive schemes without a backward glance and enjoy sunshine, touch, laughter, love-making…..


Why does it seem as if there’s a shadow over so much of what you’re doing now? You know those close to you are giving all they can and you’re surrounded by warmth. So why do you feel so cold and isolated at times?
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE is reachable as long as you’re prepared to learn the lessons life is setting you and be content with ‘good enough’ rather than glorious. With Saturn in your sign you’re bound to feel subdued, but it won’t go on forever.


So many intriguing invitations, so many kind messages, compliments and bright ideas – yet you can’t get rid of a lurking unease. Recalling things that have gone wrong in the past makes you expect the worst.
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE can be created by remembering that through negative thinking you can be your own worst enemy. Every day is a new start. Leave the past behind and listen to encouragement from your friends.


Gifts and generosity from your mates make you feel truly rich, but are there strings attached? You’re struggling to enjoy all the bounty on offer because you’re afraid that pay-back awaits down the line.
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE is all around you when you bask in the realization that goodies are given freely and all you have to give in return is your commitment as a friend and the sort of help and support you’d offer anyway.


You don’t always have a lot of confidence so isn’t it wonderful to feel so attractive! You have so much love and affection to give you want to hug the world. But there’s always someone somewhere saying you haven’t done enough…
BLISSED-OUT BELTANE can be reveled in when you realise that you are your own worst critic. Stop imagining that you’re being judged. Always look your best and do your best. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.



Springtime should be a lovely season and our sign-by-sign guide helps you enjoy it to the full. But if you’re struggling with some heavy issues you may need extra help. Relax, because our encouraging readers are always there to make you see the sunny side. Call today and feel better immediately.

PUBLISHED: 06 April 2017



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