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Give your life an annual review
Give your life an annual review

This year could be your best ever if you get some attitude and detox yourself of negativity. Last year was unstable for most of us personally, and globally. 2014 is a really lucky and positive year for personal and practical growth. TheCircle’s acclaimed Angel Spiritualist Deborah B shows you how to kick start your year by giving your life an annual review.


Every year I have an annual review of my life. I ask Archangel Michael to be with me as I examine the good, the bad and the downright ugly moments of my year.


I acknowledge my misdemeanors and ask Michael to cleanse them by flowing his beautiful energy in through my crown chakra, all the day through body and soul. Introspection and the intent not to create the same situation again are liberating. Start to prepare for your annual review by doing this.


Then, if other people have blighted your year, be they friends, partners or colleagues, ask Archangel Michael to move them out of your life for the highest good. Know that his protection is invincible. Do not feed into their negativity, mentally freeze them out of your life.


Ask Mother Earth and the four main Archangels (Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael) to protect you. Stand with your legs hip width apart, focus your attention to the soles of your feet. Visualise and feel roots growing from them, flowing into the ground until they feel really deep.


Remember all the negative thoughts  and feelings experienced and flow them down into your roots into the Earth. The energy is absorbed and recycled positively. You are now unburdened and able to make positive and life enhancing choices.


Thank Mother Earth and the Archangels for helping you.


Meditation is important for slowing down the chattering, negative part of our mind. It helps us connect with the universe and the angels. Get comfortable, breathe in deeply three times, and relax every part of your body. Mentally repeat beautiful words. My favourites are ‘angels’ and ‘love’. Then just chill and enjoy. I meditate for a maximum of fifteen minutes, job done.


Being outside and connecting with nature is a brilliant way of blowing away the cobwebs and making space for positive energy to enter your being. Why not walk for five minutes one day, then add a few more minutes the next? The secret to becoming fit and healthy is to do it at your own pace and not come to a screaming halt because of doing too much too soon.


Make magic medicine. Pour water into a glass and ask the angels to bless it. Ask them to bless the water with any quality that you need – confidence, strength, love – the possibilities are endless. Have a ball inventing what you do want with this beautiful element given to us by the Great Creator. Have the best New Year ever!


Annual Review – 5 easy steps


Relinquish everything that no longer serves you and identify what you do want with these five easy steps.

  1. Spiritually cleanse yourself, as detailed in my article.
  2. Divide your life into categories,– health, love, family, friends, work, finances.
  3. Write down the things that make you unhappy in each of these categories.
  4. Write down the things that could make you feel better in each category. For example: losing weight, joining a new dating site, taking up a family hobby, ditching that friend who irritates you, asking for a pay rise, making a budget. 
  5. Start to implement each of these changes. Make them year goals that you stick to, and the person you want to be should start to blossom.



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