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Astrology School - Lesson 2
What does it mean when a certain element is dominant?

People who are born under the sign of fire are people of action. They are independent and success-oriented. If success evades them, they can become impatient and angry. Each fire sign, however, has different grades. An Aries could be attributed with straw fire, because he or she burns easily but also cools off quickly; a Leo is like a warming open fire, which generously gives is warming light; and the Sagittarius is like candle light, associated with mediation and religious philosophy. 

The earth signs are a bit different. They are “grounded” in the true sense of the word; they are realistic, rational and dependable. Usually they are patient and hard working and are able to concentrate. These positive qualities, however, can have a negative side, characterized by severity, obstinacy and a critical nature. Here are also degrees to these qualities: The Taurus is the most pleasure loving and sensual of the earth signs. Virgos look for truthfulness, honesty and deep relationships. Capricorns, on the other hand, are rather austere partners.

The air signs “flutter in the wind.” Their intellectual abilities are flexible and they perceive impressions in their surroundings more intensely than others do. They are often quick thinkers and have strong intellectual abilities. They cannot abide it when someone tries to restrict their independence. The differences are as follows: Geminis are absolute individualists and too much devotion is not to be expected of them. Libras have Venus as their ruler and are, thus, born lovers per se – if other constellations in their horoscope do not contradict this. Aquariuses are freedom fighters and feel easily restricted by a too close cooperation.

And the water signs? These signs are dominated by feelings. After all, still waters run deep! Water dominated people often feel misunderstood and live in spheres with which other people cannot empathise. Water people are sensitive and can offer consolation and help others. They are, however, moody, stubborn and reserved. Criticism often rubs them the wrong way. Cancers are among the most romantic signs. Scorpions can be extraordinarily passionate but hide this under a cool exterior. Pisces are romantic and dreamy. Being in love is the best feeling for them.

The art of astrology is being able to understand these elements quickly, to establish which ones are dominant and to interpret these qualities correctly. Sometimes dominances contradict one another and it is always important to look at a horoscope in its entirety and not in its parts. Equally important to a horoscope are the cardinal, fixed and mutable qualities.

Lesson 3: The qualities of the natal horoscope

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