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Astrology School - Lesson 1
Methods of predicting the future

The moon also has an important position in the radix horoscope, for it provides insight into our soul. It depicts our psyche, feelings and moods.  Picture an onion; its skin can differ greatly from its interior. When we remove the layers one at a time, we come to the onion’s soft centre and thus to the core of a person’s personality. Our innermost feelings are exposed. How do we react to situations with which others confront us? How do we react when our passion is awakened? These deeper layers of our personality are exposed more readily when we are tired, sick and strained. It is then that we experience our moon sign.

The Houses

Every horoscope is composed of twelve houses or spheres of life.

  • The 1st House is the sphere of self-expression and the individual personality; it shows how others in life confront us.
  • The 2nd House is responsible for material things and how we deal with our hard-earned values, as well as our self esteem.
  • The 3rd House characterizes how we communicate and deal with language.
  • The 4th House typifies how we relate to our own family. Do we love them? Do we regard them as a duty or perhaps even a necessary evil?
  • The 5th House shows our creativity. It displays how we relate to children and our sensuality.
  • The 6th House describes work but not profession. It relays how one works and whether one completes tasks quickly or slowly, half-heartedly or with perfection.
  • The 7th House shows us our relationship to marriage and relationships.
  • The 8th House is the house of "death and transformation," although this has less to do with actual death than with life’s highs and lows. It is also responsible for how we deal with sex and finances.
  • The 9th House contains the spheres of faith, morals, ethics, foreign cultures and travel. It is less a question here of religion than our sense of affiliation with churches, sects and groups.
  • The 10th House is responsible for our profession. Do we stay in one occupation our entire life or are we drawn to change?
  • The 11th House is dedicated to our friends. Do we have friends? Do we have many friendships?
  • The 12th House embodies the spheres of our inner life and our fears. What are we afraid of? What are our vulnerable spots? Can we help ourselves?

Lesson 2: Fire, water, air and earth

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