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Temperance: Balance Brings Beauty

Temperance Meaning

Temperance within a psychic tarot reading is all about balance. The card shows a glorious figure - a perfect blend of masculine and feminine - standing with one foot firmly on land and the other in water. It represents the earthly world and the emotional self. Temperance confidently pours water from one cup to another with ease, as they show us how balance is attainable when we temper the extremes.

When Temperance comes up in a reading, it is time to revaluate areas of your life that are off kilter. It is absolutely fine to binge watch your favourite show, but now the house is a mess and it is time to bring some order to your day. Moderation needs to be your favourite word. Make sure you are not hiding, or working too hard. . A degree of imbalance is inevitable but know when to reign it in, make sure you are looking after yourself and remember that welcoming balance into your life brings healing.

Temperance in Love
Now is the time for patience, understanding and moderation if you are single. These are the things that will bring to you the perfect piece of your puzzle. They will fit harmoniously into your life and will add a new layer of unity. If you already have a partner, remember you are on the same side and want the same things. It is very easy to fall into extreme patterns of behaviour when we feel hurt, but Temperance asks us to bring calm to our emotions so we can reach a balanced resolution. This is not always an easy task but the reward is worth it.
Temperance in Life
Work. Work/life balance is so important and now is the time to make sure things are being well managed. Working too hard can lead to stress and emotional withdrawal from the people around you. Not working enough can lead to frustration and apathy. Reflect on the things that are important to you in your work life - set goals and plan in advance so that you can reach them.
Health and spirituality. Temperance is the tarot card that wants you to look after yourself. It wants you to eat well, drink water and get enough sleep. It wants you to be physically, emotionally and spiritually well. Moderation and compromise are key to achieving this. It will keep your mind clear and it will give you the time you need to check in with yourself mentally. Calm peacefulness is there for the taking.
Temperance in Shadow
Life can sometimes get so out of balance that we become used to it. We tumble from one drama-filled experience to the next and feel like we have no control. Particularly in 2020, and the season of up-coming holidays and celebrations, we can feel like we are stuck in a place without much comfort. It may feel like discord is ruling our home life and our work life is out of whack, or finances are tricky and relationships are tense. That’s OK because this can’t and won’t last. The energy of Temperance is all about making small changes now to benefit your future. Little victories are the path out of the unbalanced jumble: make a list, tidy the floor, or take a shower and enjoy the little victories.

How Can a Tarot Reading Help Me?

To find out what parts of your life need the energy of Temperance, call one of our psychic tarot readers with the experience to guide you.

PUBLISHED: 02 December 2020
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