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Wrap yourself in love


This may be the season of good cheer, but when things aren’t right relationship-wise, bells and carols can strike a hollow note. The good news is that Yule is the turning point of the year and being alone doesn’t have to mean lonely! There are so many people like you, and you can connect with them in spirit. Stir up some positive energy, and who knows what the New Year will bring!





Positive love! You can do this visualisation during any quiet moment in the lead-up to Christmas, and it’s a good way to start Christmas morning, if you wake up with only your pillow to cuddle. Close your eyes and imagine all the other solitary souls, wishing to make loving contact. See all these people as stars, twinkling here and there in towns and cities. See yourself also as a star, growing brighter and stronger — feel your love and empathy going out to the world.

Now visualise two strands of light, like glowing arms, coming from your star, reaching out across the world - a telepathic hug. the strands are reaching out from other stars, and soon you make contact, as all the shining stars become part of a bright chain that stretches across the landscape. Hold this vision for a while, feeling a sense of connection. When you are ready, re-absorb your light and reflect the love given and received. Feel positive and empowered by the love energy projected. Now you are ready to welcome all love to you!



There are many customs associated to Christmas and yule we all recognise but did you know many of these old traditions are connected to re-birth, fertility and love.
Evergreen trees have long been a symbol of eternal life, and have been decked out in devotion to nature, so pick decorations for your tree that symbolise what you want. Hang a heart for love, a star for hope, a spiral forchange, a wrapped present for a special gift – and see what happens!
Mistletoe grows on a branch without ever touching the earth, so to the Druids it represented the moment when spirit becomes matter and reality takes shape. What do you want to conjure when kiss under the berries? Carry a sprig with you, but be careful what you wish for, because mistletoe is powerful!
Holly is ruled by the fiery god Mars, in ancient lore. Its masculine energy can attract your partner, so place some in your home. Gather nine smooth holly leaves, wrap these in a white cloth with nine knots and place this beneath your pillow — your Christmas dreams may well come true!
Burning frankincense will stimulate your spirituality, and reduce negative energy. It also brings luck — so choose some seasonal joss-sticks or essential oil to fragrance your home.
Light a candle each night during Advent. Watch the flame and visualise your heart's desire. Affirm that things are changing for you as the year turns and welcome love into your heart.
Decorate your cake with a red heart as well as the usual Santa and red berries. Place two figures on the cake — one for you and one for your future lover — visualisation in food is a powerful esoteric tool.


Okay, so maybe you’re alone, but is that so bad? Chances are that’ll change during the coming year, so make the most of it while you can! Have a lie-in, followed by your favourite breakfast, then pamper yourself with a sensual bath. Choose your bath-oil well in advance, with a fragrant lotion to match, and as you smooth it on, affirm that you love your body. As you enjoy a delicious meal, try a little positive realisation, imagining your dream partner sharing this meal with you. Finish your day in reflection, snuggle up to watch your favourite festive film, a hot chocolate and even some treats - be thankful for what you have, be open to love and it will come.


Need a quick pick me up to banish any yule-tide blues?
  • Buy yourself a special pressie and wrap it up, to open on Christmas day. That way you get exactly what you want! Make sure to wrap beautifully - you are worth it.
  • Make a list of all the gifts you have in life, the best way to not feel negative is to see what is positive.
  • Start with something you take for granted, such as having a home and being warm and dry.
  • Arrange a zoom call or telephone chat with a close friend or relative.
  • Wear something in a bright Christmas red — it’s the sexiest colour going and highly positive too!
  • Dab on a sexy perfume. The warm tones of cinnamon, clove, musk and vanilla will restore mood. And remember smell is a strong aphrodisiac.



Whether you are alone this Christmas or just struggling to find that festive love - our caring and compassionate psychic Readers can help you with an uplifting and revealing Christmas reading.



PUBLISHED: 11 December 2020

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