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What is Tarot?


What is Tarot?


You have probably heard of Tarot and Tarot cards; you might even have been to see Tarot readers and had a Tarot reading before. Like many people however, you might not have a full understanding of just what Tarot is, what Tarot readers do and how Tarot reading can help people.

The first thing to note is the distinction between psychic Tarot and Tarot card games. Originally known as trionfi, and then later as tarock, tarocchi and other names, Tarot is a set of playing cards which, since the 18th century has been used by people with psychic abilities to gain a deeper understanding of certain situations or find answers to questions. However, Tarot card games have been around longer than this – since the mid 15th century.

Those who study psychic Tarot reading are able to find insight into the past and present, as well as into the future. How Tarot reading and Tarot cards enable this is a question on which there is no single consensus. Some psychics believe that the Tarot cards are guided by spiritual forces (such as the spirit world), whereas others believe that the Tarot cards enable the mind to access a collective higher plane of consciousness.

Tarot has four suits and each of the suits has ‘pip’ cards from ace to ten and in the main four ‘face’ cards. The Tarot differs from other sets of playing cards in that it has a 21-card trump suit and a Fool card. As well as being used for gaining insight by psychics, Tarot was traditionally used for card games. In such card games, the Fool card could be used either as a top trump or to change the suit currently in play.

Although not played often in the UK, Tarot card games are actually very popular in other parts of Europe. Here in the UK, however, Tarot tends to be used primarily by people with psychic abilities to gain spiritual insight. In this context, the Fool card and the trump cards are the ‘Major Arcana’ and the other cards are the ‘Minor Arcana’.

In psychic Tarot reading, each card’s pictogram and title represents a specific message and the cards dealt to the person having a reading give an insight into that person’s situation.


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