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Have You Ever Had a Tea Leaf Reading?


Tea leaf reading is an ancient practice of foretelling the future. What do the tea leaf reading symbols mean and what can they predict?


It is one of the oldest ways of predicting the future and something that is connected to gypsy fortune tellers, but what exactly is tea leaf reading? Tasseography, otherwise known as Tasseomancy or Tassology, but more commonly known as tea leaf reading, is the art of reading tea leaves. ‘Tasse’ or ‘Tass’ is an Arab root, meaning small cup or goblet. Tea leaf reading is done by interpreting the patterns left by the residue of tea, and like many forms of divination requires the seer to use their intuition to read the symbolic meanings.
Tea leaf reading has been known about since the 17th century…




The tradition of Tasseography is not solely done for reading tea leaves, but also includes reading coffee grounds and wine sediments. It is an ancient practice and originates from Asia, the Middle East and Ancient Greece. The practice arose from the human desire to understand oneself and know about future events. Tea leaf reading has been known about since the 17th century when tea was introduced to Europe from China. Excitement grew as it became more popular during the 1800’s as more people realised that nomadic gypsies in Europe could foretell the future. It is still a popular practice in Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the USA.
The art of tea leaf reading can be quite in depth…




Ideally tea should be drunk in a pale coloured china cup, with a handle and a matching saucer. Tasseography, or the art of tea leaf reading, is more successful with practice and over time. A quick step by step guide to learning how to read tea leaves gives you some basic information to try it out:

USE LOOSE TEA LEAVES – Tea such as English Breakfast, Darjeeling and Earl Grey are good to start with as the leaves are medium to large. Don’t use tea from tea bags, only loose tea.

USE A TEAPOT – The tea should always be brewed in a tea pot, and then poured into a cup with a saucer.

DRINKING THE TEA – The person who is having the reading, should drink the tea while thinking about their question, making sure they leave around an inch of tea at the bottom of the cup.

TEA LEAF READING PRACTICE – The person should then hold the handle of the cup in their left hand, with the starting position facing the heart. Swirl the tea around three times to the left, finishing facing the heart. The cup is then up-turned on to the saucer where the remaining liquid drains out, and the saucer is given to the tea leaf reader.

THE TEA LEAF READING – The tea leaf reader will read the cup by turning it gently and slowly (so as not to move the tea leaves) and will read any symbols or patterns that they see.




The most common tea leaf reading symbols are read from different places in the cup. The leaves nearer the rim relate to the future, and they are events which will happen quickly. If leaves are placed directly under the handle of the tea cup, they are symbolic of the immediate or current situation. Leaves on the side relate to the past and leaves at the bottom are distant past. Symbols such as an angel for ‘good news’, a circle for ‘love, trust and marriage’, a crescent mood for ‘changes in life’, a fish for particularly ‘good fortune’, and a dog showing ‘good and faithful friends’ are amongst the many symbols that can be seen in tea leaf reading.
Tea leaf reading is still seen as an art of the Romany gypsy…




Somebody who is intuitive, psychic or clairvoyant would typically be able to get a lot more information and would more instinctively know how to read tea leaves. They would be able to receive more detail and see more events or situations, than those who are not so gifted. However, that is not to say that people less gifted, cannot learn the symbols and shapes, and with time, may find they naturally develop their intuition too.





Tea leaf reading is still seen as an art of the Romany gypsy, and is not a typical practice of a professional clairvoyant, psychic or medium who may look at your future using different skills. If you would like to get in depth guidance about your future in love, romance, work or family, speak to the UK’s most gifted psychics at TheCircle.



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PUBLISHED: 19 May 2016


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