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Making a Talisman


Is there something you want very much, but you need a bit of supernatural help to get it?  As long as your desires harm no-one else, it’s fine to get a magical boost, for that just means harnessing the powers of your subconscious mind.  When you ‘spell out’ your intentions making something like a talisman, your wish goes into the ether, and changes begin.  You could even think of this as a highly-focused prayer.  Making a talisman is fun, and fun itself is immensely creative.







It’s a charm for good luck that you keep with you all the time.  Simply carrying a special stone, a piece of jade or other crystal, or a herbal sprig could be called a talisman, although the more accurate name for a charm you haven’t actually made is an amulet.  Some items of jewellery are the same – if you have a lucky ring, for instance, or an angel or fairy on a necklace, those are amulets.  A proper talisman is more specific – it is aimed at a single purpose, and everything you put on your talisman is aimed at that outcome.




Symbols speak very loudly to the subconscious mind, and each colour has its own meanings.  These are pretty obvious when you think about it.  Colour is one of the major aspects of your talisman, so choose from the following.

RED – means energy, strength and courage.  Use this when you need extra oomph, in sports and anything requiring endurance.  It can also be good for healing after surgery.  It can also work if you need to feel more in touch with your life-force, as when you are spaced-out or depressed.

ORANGE – is great for enthusiasm and lust for life.  It also good for sexual matters, melting inhibitions and blocks to pleasure.  It is helpful for a sense of adventure and artistic creativity.

YELLOW – brings self-confidence and self-worth.  Use it when you need to go into new situations and be able to express yourself and ‘shine’ with your own internal sun.  It is also great for exams.

GREEN – is healing and loving.  It works for anything to do with plants and gardening.  If you are a therapist or healer it can help you be successful, and it can empower you to heal a sick friend or family-member.


BLUE – is about calmness and also communication.  Use it to deal with stress or when you are going into any situation where you need to express yourself clearly.  It is also good for singing and music.

PURPLE – works wonders for spirituality, and also for dignity and influence.  It can help you if you are giving a lecture, or conducting a ritual.

WHITE – is pure and multi-purpose.  It can also be suitable for children.

BROWN – can be effective for security and grounding.

BLACK – can be good for solitude and protection.  Black absorbs other energies and can help you to be ‘invisible’ while very sensitive.  Use it with care.

ROSE-RED AND PINK – these are good for love and friendship, for the most passionate emotions choose crimson.



A talisman can be quite complex, with all sorts of arcane signs and symbols, but a simple one made out of cardboard can serve you well.  Try this as a charm to pass your driving test, or any other test that needs concentration and confidence.  Buy some stiff cardboard, golden yellow in colour (avoid acidic yellows).  Cut this in a circle that is large enough to draw on but small enough to carry comfortably.  A circle is a good universal shape for a talisman because it means infinity and completion.  On your talisman draw or paste a picture of a car, (if this is aimed at your driving test) a stick figure with arms held high in triumph and the words PASSED! and SUCCESS!  A card that congratulates you on passing your test could be a good resource for these images, but cut them out and use them in your own way, to put your own stamp on the talisman.  You can now make a hole in the talisman and hang it round your neck on a gold ribbon, or put the talisman in your bag or wallet.  Don’t let anyone else see it unless you really trust their reaction, because you don’t want to dilute the influence.  Dab your talisman just on the edges with a drop or two of essential oil of cinnamon, and get in the driving seat!

A talisman can be a great help when you are finding life difficult or when there is a specific challenge you have to deal with.  But there are times when only speaking to another human being can help.  Our readers at The Circle are always available with support and empathy, so when you need a guiding hand, don’t hesitate to put in a call and feel better!

PUBLISHED: 9 October 2014

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