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Chinese Zodiac - The Rooster


Widely described as being independent, effusive, and intelligent, the rooster is the tenth sign in the pantheon of 12 that comprise the Chinese zodiac cycle. Those born under the year of the rooster frequently share many characteristics of the animal itself, especially in their approach to punctuality and timeliness.


Often said to be complex people, roosters typically appear strong on the surface, but have a wealth of sensitive feelings hiding away underneath. Serious in their work, they are straightforward and decisive, but nonetheless require the validation and encouragement of their loved ones in order for their achievements to feel truly worthwhile to them.


Chinese Zodiac - The Rooster


The Tenth Sign in the Zodiac


As mentioned before, the rooster is the tenth sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle, and legend holds that its position was dictated by the Jade Emperor, who set the zodiac animals respective rankings according to the order in which they arrived at his party. The monkey, rooster, and dog arrived together, having worked side by side to aid a god in defeating evil spirits prior to their summons. Thus, the Jade Emperor used the order in which they had met this deity to decide where they would go in his cycle of 12.


The rooster became tenth and is associated with both the Earthly Branch and the hours between five and seven in the evening. The rooster belongs on the yin side of the yin and yang spectrum. Said to be the epitome of fidelity and punctuality, the rooster was an important symbol in ancient Chinese culture, given that whole civilisations were dependent on its crow to wake them and begin their day. What’s more, the rooster was believed to be important in both protecting against and exorcising evil spirits and forging bonds of brotherhood between allies, who would swear to the heavens before dripping chicken blood into their wine and drinking together.


The Year of the Rooster


In recent times, the year of the rooster has been as follows.

  • 1921 (8th February 1921 - 27th January 1922)
  • 1933 (26th January 1933 - 13th February 1934)
  • 1945 (13th February 1945 - 1st February 1946)
  • 1957 (31st January 1957 - 17th February 1958)
  • 1969 (17th February 1969 - 5th February 1970)
  • 1981 (5th February 1981 - 24th January 1982)
  • 1993 (23rd January 1993 - 9th February 1994)
  • 2005 (9th February 2005 - 28th January 2006)
  • 2017 (28th January 2017 - 15th February 2018)
  • 2029 (13th February 2029 - 2nd February 2030)

The Personality of the Rooster


Those born in the year of the rooster tend to be highly complex people. Though they might seem straightforward, serious, and decisive in their decision-making abilities, below the surface they’re actually incredibly sensitive souls who rely heavily on the support and encouragement of friends and family. Contrary to this neediness, they are nonetheless both independent and capable, largely due to their self-respect and often impressive intellect. Quick-minded and warm-hearted, they love nothing more than to be surrounded by the people they care about and are very family oriented.


Many roosters are accused of being perfectionists, and it’s true that they sink an awful lot of effort into their work and passions. Bright, honest, and ambitious, they do have a slight tendency towards unnecessary or overzealous criticism, which they frequently dress up as being constructive when pulled up on the point. This is partially due to their leaning towards being impatient, narrow-minded, and even slightly selfish sometimes. They can have a tunnel-visioned view of the world and often labour under the mistaken belief that they’re always right.


That said, the people who know them well cherish them regardless for their many good qualities, such as having a big heart and being witty, outspoken, and friendly. For roosters, family and friends are a refuge and a paradise, and they make sure the ones they love know it. In appearance, roosters are often very attractive and tend towards rather flamboyant fashion choices. They love to dress up and show off their feathers, and always prefer being overdressed to underdressed.  



Relationship Compatibility of the Rooster


In terms of relationships, roosters work best with either oxen or snakes. Together, these combinations create long-lasting and harmonious relationships characterised by a tight connection between the two. Indeed, such couplings reflect the sort of partnerships that people around you aspire to emulate. Roosters also go well with dragons, with the former willing to lend unequivocal support to the latter and experiencing a real sense of pride in their brilliant partner’s accomplishments. 


However, there are a lot of signs that roosters must take care to avoid, including rats, rabbits, horses, other roosters, and dogs. Partnering with any of these is likely to lead to an unstable and unhappy relationship – one fraught with difficulties and not enough common ground to ever reach any sort of compromise or resolution. The hugely differing opinions and attitudes within such relationships invariably lead to their eventual ending.  


Western Zodiac Equivalents


The defining characteristics of roosters are believed to be influenced by their western astrological sign and its interplay with the Chinese zodiac. This means that where Ariens are ebullient and Taureans serious, Geminis are confident, Cancerians kind-hearted, Leos ambitious, Virgos prudent, Librans optimistic, Scorpios self-disciplined, Sagittarians determined, Capricorns righteous, Aquarians creative, and Pisceans wise.


Intelligent, effusive, and imbued with a quick and brilliant wit, roosters are one of the most ambitious and successful of the Chinese zodiac signs, but what you see on the surface doesn’t always reflect what’s going on inside. Those born during the year of the rooster must make an effort to be open and honest because only by allowing vulnerability to show will those around them feel empowered to offer the advice and support they seek.


Published: 24 January 2019

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