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Chinese Zodiac - The Rat


The Chinese Year of the Rat, like all of the 12 years in the Chinese zodiac, is said to govern the behaviours and traits of those born under it. The rat Chinese zodiac sign is the first of the 12 and has some unique characteristics. These include:


  • Intelligence
  • Charm
  • Ambition
  • A knack for practical tasks
  • Being quick-witted
  • Wordiness
  • Greediness
  • Being devious
  • Potential aggression
  • Being stubborn
  • Being too power-hungry

As you can see, there are some real strengths and potential weaknesses among the list, highlighting the fact that those born in the Year of the Rat are truly complex people. If your aim is to discover exactly what that means for you and your life, you can learn about the symbolism, traits, compatibility and how this relates to the Western zodiac in more detail.

Chinese Zodiac - The Rat


Chinese Rat Characteristics


Above, some of the many traits displayed by those born under the rat Chinese zodiac have been covered. However, it's often useful to cover these in more detail. If you are associated with the rat zodiac sign, you are often said to be very wise, using your charm and cleverness to win over those around you - especially because you're often rather funny! However, some people born in the Year of the Rat need to watch out that they're not attracting mere acquaintances. In their quest for power and because of their often short-tempered nature, they can cut off real and true friends. However, once you scratch the surface and really get to know them, they're honest and true to keep around.

Because of these traits, which are so varied and broad, those born in the Year of the Rat often suit creative careers. For example, they may well end up as a writer or an artist, needing an outlet for the emotions they often keep bottled up. They're also great in business - they are direct, often ruthless but very charming, and so people warm to them quickly, which makes a great first impression.


Rat Chinese Zodiac Luck Facts


If you're born in the Year of the Rat, you're said to have certain lucky associations. Luck and symbolism come into play a lot when talking about the Chinese Year of the Rat, and you may well be able to incorporate some of these teachings into your own life to promote positive change. Certain associations are good for you, and others are bad. For example:

  • Your lucky flowers are lilies and African violets
  • Your lucky numbers are two and three
  • Your lucky gemstone is the garnet
  • Your lucky colours are blue, gold and green
  • Your unlucky numbers are five and nine
  • Your unlucky colours are brown and yellow
  •  Your unlucky direction is southeast

Chinese Rat Compatibility


Love affects us all in a lot of ways, and so plenty of people will be interested to learn exactly who they are going to make a great pairing with. For example, the rat horse compatibility is said to be terrible, rat dog compatibility could go either way, and rat snake compatibility is excellent. You're most likely to find a fitting love match with snakes, monkeys and those born in the year of the ox, but that's not to say that rat horse compatibility couldn't work in some instances, for example, depending on your Western zodiac signs.



The Rat Chinese Zodiac and the Western Zodiac


Can you have a rat star sign? Both the Chinese and Western zodiacs place emphasis on 12 different signs. In Chinese teachings, these last for a whole year, whereas in the West, these each last for one month. Chinese culture says that God asked the animals of their zodiac to participate in a race, and the first 12 to cross the line were rewarded with a zodiac. As the rat is the first, this means that the rat was the winner! The Western zodiac symbols are based on Greek mythology and relate to the constellations, which is how


are worked out. These can work in perfect harmony with one another, as different birth months and your Western zodiac sign may well change the kind of rat star sign you are!


Rat Chinese Zodiac Years


As the Chinese Year of the Rat occurs every 12 years, many people from across various generations will have been born under this animal. It is worth noting that because the Chinese calendar is different to our Western calendar; simply being born in a particular year does not always mean that you are born under that animal. If your birthday is in January or February, it is worth checking which animal you were born under. For example, someone born on January 24th, 1984, would not be born under the Year of the Rat, but instead, they would have been born in the Year of the Pig. In the last century, the Year of the Rat has been:

  • 5/2 1924 - 23/1 1925
  • 24/1 1936 - 10/2 1937
  • 10/2 1948 - 28/1 1949
  • 28/1 1960 - 14/2 1961
  • 15/2 1972 - 2/2 1973
  • 2/2 1984 - 19/2 1985
  • 19/2 1996 - 6/2 1997
  • 6/2 2008 - 25/1 2009
  • 25/1 2020 - 11/2/2021

How we can help


Whether you were born during the year of the rat or during any other year, understanding how your year, month and even your exact date of birth can have implications in your daily life is a fascinating thing. At TheCircle, you can speak to a Reader for some in-depth knowledge that might tell you more about your particular circumstances, because it may well be that your destiny is based on the time you were born.


PUBLISHED: 24 January 2019

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