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Chinese Zodiac - The Rabbit


Frequently a mystical being in literature and folk tales, the rabbit also has this spiritual charm in Chinese legends. Being born on the Chinese year of the rabbit means you share their traits of modesty, grace and compassion, as well as being noble and elegant. However, rabbits have a tendency to remain safe and timid in the world so rabbits will be challenged by their fears and be pushed to overcome intimidation to achieve their goals.

Chinese Zodiac - The Rabbit


The Underdog


Rabbit came fourth in the race to the Jade Emperor, making him the zodiac of the 4th year in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Out of 12, this was an extremely high position, sharing the top 5 with the strongest animals including dragon and ox. One may not expect the rabbit to come so high but it proves that they can be frequently underestimated.


Rabbits have a witty, crafty and creative side. In real life, they are quick at escaping and jumping away from danger and, in China, they are known by this swift and crafty nature: "guarded as a virgin; swift as an escaping hare", goes one particular saying. Rabbits also dig multiple burrows, some being fake, to confuse predators. They also eat the grass near the fake burrows but not near their own, further misleading their enemies.


Frequently, in Western Culture, this clever and creative nature of the rabbit is forgotten, so, remember, if you are born in the year of the rabbit, you can utilise this character. If the pet or wild rabbit can be swift and crafty, so can you. Don’t let others underestimate your abilities!


Year of the Rabbit


Rabbits may face challenges when encountering new things, given their sensitive and timid nature. Conquering fears is a difficult thing, especially when they are personal, or would appear irrational to others. Talking about your fears is one of the best steps to take to overcome them and, if you could talk to an expert who is knowledgeable about the human psyche, then that would be even better.


TheCircle is a site where users can pay to connect with a Reader via text or phone, Readers being people to talk to and listen, with expertise in Tarot, Astrology and Clairvoyance among other things. Talking to a Reader, Psychic or Medium on TheCircle can help you to achieve clarity on a particular situation or they can listen and give advice about fears you have about the coming year or can help you understand your horoscope. Talking within a safe, non-judgemental and private environment does the world of good. That's all alongside the general benefits of having a psychic reading; namely, learning from their insights, understanding yourself better, and learning about your future.


As someone born in the Chinese year of the rabbit, it might be difficult not to succumb to intimidation and fear, but awareness of them is a great step towards diminishing and defeating fears and shyness. Set yourself mini goals that work towards success: once a week, start a conversation with a stranger, offer help to a person in need and do one activity or visit one place you’ve never been to before. Note down how these experiences were and, at the end of the month, you'll have something to look back on with pride.


If you’re feeling unconfident, think of all the great achievers who are also born in the Chinese year of the rabbit, including Orlando Bloom, David Beckham and Queen Victoria! In the year of the rabbit 2017, Orlando starred in five movies, including the huge Pirates of the Caribbean 5, which took five months to film!


Chinese Rabbit Symbolism


The rabbit Chinese zodiac is a mystical and spiritual being. The symbol of the rabbit in China means hope and the rabbit is symbolically associated with the moon. An ancient Chinese legend talked about Chang’e, the moon goddess, coined so because she drank the elixir of life and flew to the moon. On her journey, she took a white rabbit as her pet companion. People have thus interpreted the rabbit as the only animal amiable and elegant enough to match the moon goddesses' noble beauty. It is believed that, because of this rabbit's journey to the moon, a spot visible on the moon is a rabbit, and people in China see the rabbit as this mystical and impressive creature, much like the Western belief that a white rabbit seen at the beginning of the month will bring good luck.


If you too think about astrology and feel a connection to the moon, you could investigate Readers on the Circle who have expertise in the moon. There is a whole astrology section where Readers look at planets and the stars and how these can connect to and benefit your life. Alternatively, you could search for ‘moon’ to find a reader who could tell you more about this symbol of the rabbit Chinese zodiac.



Love & Compatibility for the Pig


Good matches include dog and rabbit, sheep and rabbit, monkey and rabbit and pig and rabbit. Dog and rabbit match well because dogs have a strong sense of loyalty, and will stick by and support people they love, complimenting the rabbit by inspiring and giving them confidence.


Western Zodiac Comparison


People born in the year of the Chinese rabbit have similar traits to the Pisces star sign, which is also mystical, creative, compassionate and sensitive.


It is easy to be shy and afraid of certain things when you are a sensitive person, like those born in the year of the rabbit. But this fresh start to the year is the ideal time to test yourself and try the unknown. Always remember; help is there when you ask for it!


Published: 24 January 2019

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