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Chinese Zodiac - The Pig


Known for having the sweetest personalities out of all the Chinese zodiac signs, those born in the year of the pig belong to the 12th and final cycle of the 12-year calendar. Said to be blessed with both wealth and good fortune, they sail through life, with little ever having the capacity to trouble them. Energetic and eternally enthusiastic, pigs have the ability to turn even the most mundane of tasks into a treat, which is why so many relish their work and heartily embrace their chosen careers. Frequently found in positions of power and influence, they nonetheless have a fairness and friendliness that makes people happy to work beneath them.


Chinese Zodiac - The Pig


The 12th Sign in the Zodiac


As mentioned above, the pig is the 12th and final sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Legend says its position was dictated by the Jade Emperor, who decided the order of the zodiac animals based on the order in which they arrived at his party. The pig was late because he overslept – a trait common among those born under this sign! Other stories say it was not actually the pig’s fault and that a wolf destroyed his home, forcing him to rebuild before he could set off. He thus arrived last and took up his position as the closing phase in the zodiac cycle.

This placing means that not only is the pig the final sign, but it is also associated with both the Earthly Branch and the hours between nine and 11 at night. He belongs on the yin side of the yin and yang spectrum. A symbol of wealth in Chinese culture, being born under this sign is an omen of good fortune. The pig’s lucky colours are yellow, grey, brown, and gold, while the numbers two, five, and eight are especially auspicious for those born in such a year.


Year of the Pig


Birthdays that place people under this sign are those that fall between the following dates:

  • 1923 (16th February 1923 - 4th February 1924)
  • 1935 (4th February 1935 - 23rd January 1936)
  • 1947 (22nd January 1947 - 9th February 1948)
  • 1959 (8th February 1959 - 27th January 1960)
  • 1971 (27th January 1971 - 24th February 1972)
  • 1983 (13th February 1983 - 1st February 1984)
  • 1995 (31st January 1995 - 18th February 1996)
  • 2007 (18th February 2007 - 6th February 2008)
  • 2019 (5th February 2019 - 24th January 2020)
  • 2031 (23rd January 2031 - 10th February 2032)

Personality of the Pig


People born in the year of the pig have many endearing features. They’re kind, considerate, warm of heart, and gentle. Said to have the most beautiful personalities of all the zodiac signs, they’re possessed of a generous and forgiving nature that lets them overlook other people’s mistakes and build strong and harmonious interpersonal relationships. 

Although they tend not to immediately stand out in a crowd, pigs are the sort of people who will always get things done. Though neither loud nor boastful about their achievements and ambitions, they will nonetheless deliver what they promise and have a special disdain for people who are all talk and no action.

That said, pigs can be lazy. Although they will never commit to something unless they intend to see it through, physical exertion is not something they enjoy overmuch. Despite these slight couch-potato tendencies, however, those born under this sign will throw themselves into even the most mundane of tasks with an energy and zeal unrivalled by any other.

Responsible and loyal, pigs can be trusted not to let you down, but this means they tend to expect the same of others. This sometimes overly generous outlook makes them naive and gullible in some instances and does mean they can be taken advantage of.



Relationship Compatibility of the Pig


When it comes to relationships, there are certain signs that work really well with pigs, including tigers, rabbits, and sheep. These three combinations tend to create very sweet and gentle romances – ones which often endure for the long term and lead to long and happy marriages. Tigers are perhaps their true loves, with this brave sign helping to deliver the sort of security pigs crave. That said, rabbits find pigs almost irresistible, with their intelligence and warmth drawing them in for the duration. The goat also shares many common interests and passions, meaning these two never run out of things to talk about.

Snakes and monkeys, on the other hand, are best avoided. Pigs and snakes have hugely clashing personalities and absolutely zero compatibility, meaning such pairings tend to result in arguments and an inability to agree. Monkeys are also largely at odds with what pigs want from life and have very tension-filled relationships characterised by an overarching stubbornness on both sides.


Western Zodiac Equivalents


There is a strong interplay between Western astrological signs and the Chinese zodiac cycle, with the relationship between the two heavily influencing personality. This means that whilst Ariens born in the year of the pig may be especially lenient, the overarching character trait of Taureans who share this sign will be honesty. Geminis, on the other hand, will be talented, Cancerians prudent, Leos romantic, Virgos right-minded, Librans loyal, Scorpios ambitious, Sagittarians sensitive, Capricorns responsible, Aquarians brave, and Pisceans gentle.

Possessed of many magnificent qualities, those born in the year of the pig are off to a wonderful start, with omens of wealth and fortune defining their future life path. Generous, good-willed, and warm-hearted, they’re the sorts of people whose luck no one can begrudge, but sometimes they do need to realise that not everyone is as pure and innately sweet as they are. By keeping both their eyes and their hearts open to the world around them, they should be able to enjoy the very best that life has to offer.


PUBLISHED: 24 January 2019

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