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Chinese Zodiac - The Horse


The next year of the horse may not be until 2026, but it doesn't mean this year won't be an important one for the horse sign. With once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities and a chance of meaningful romance, horses will have to look inward to see where their priorities lie. Here's everything you need to know about the Chinese horse zodiac.


In the widely followed cycle of the Chinese zodiac, the horse is the seventh animal out of a total of 12 and one of the most revered in Chinese culture. The cycle of the Chinese zodiac differs from the western one that you may be more familiar with. Having existed for millennia, the Chinese zodiac corresponds perfectly with the orbit of Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. People are classified as one out of 12 zodiac animals depending on which year they were born in. If you were born in 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, or 2014, that makes you a horse.


Chinese Zodiac - The Horse


Origins of the Horse Zodiac


The symbol of the horse is ⾺, with the word 'horse' in Chinese being pronounced as 'ma'. According to legend, back in the days of ancient China, the Jade Emperor was tasked with determining the order of the zodiac for his kingdom. To achieve this, he held a lavish party in the Imperial Palace, inviting the sacred zodiac animals with the intention being that the zodiac cycle would be determined by the order in which they arrived.


The horse arrived seventh, with the most commonly-told reason for this being that on his way to the festivities, he came across a foreboding cemetery. Filled with fear, the horse felt unable to pass through, until he closed his eyes and ran past the cemetery without looking, arriving at the party just after the snake and just before the goat. As a result, people born under the horse sign are strongly associated with bravery, independence, recklessness, and a kind of untamable energy.


Horse Chinese Zodiac Characteristics


The kind of horse that you are is partly determined by the specific year that you are born in, but there are some characteristics that apply to all horses. The defining trait of the horse is their unlimited, often infectious energy. Horses are highly motivated in every aspect of their life and are often the life and soul of the party, thriving on interactions with others.


They have a strong sense of individuality, often pursuing their own dreams and personal happiness above else, often proving very difficult to change mindsets once they have their heart set on a goal. This means that horses can lack self-awareness, believing themselves to be right all the time, which can sometimes come at a cost. Horses tend to act before thinking of others, but are always willing to listen in the end.


Earth horse (born 1978 and 2038): Earth horses are highly ambitious and are happy to put in long hours of work in order to realise their dreams and goals. They tend to be very focused and almost impossible to deter from a path they set their heart on. They also have very large social circles and strong connections with both friends and family. Their major flaw is their lack of patience, with earth horses often expecting quick results and feeling frustrated when they don't materialize.


Fire horse (born 1966 and 2026): Fire horses are natural born leaders, eager to take the initiative and show others the way. Their natural charisma makes ensures that they start trends and inspire others to follow their lead. Just as self-assured as other horses, a fire horse often finds it difficult to accept criticism from others, either ignoring it or allowing a relationship to suffer as a result.


Wood horse (born 1954 and 2014): Wood horses are the most creative and free-spirited of all of the horses. Their motivation often comes from a desire to achieve personal happiness and to have a wide range of experiences, making them ideal travellers and adventurers. This means that they also tend to be more sensitive than other horses, being very easy to upset and delight in equal measure.


Horse Zodiac Compatibility


There are a number of zodiac signs that are highly compatible with horses. Horses looking for love should know that the horse, tiger, and dog constitute the third compatibility triangle of the Chinese zodiac, meaning that these two animals make especially suitable romantic partners for horses. The horse-man and tiger-woman compatibility are promising, given that both tend to be self-sufficient and with highly compatible goals and life plans.


For female horses, you can't do much better than the dog male. Both are highly romantic and idealistic, seeing the pursuit of a healthy relationship as both an admirable life goal and a worthwhile adventure. Such couples tend to be highly supportive of each other's ambitions in life, whilst also being loyal and emotionally available best friends. Female horses should spend 2019 looking within their own social circle to see if the male dog has been hiding in plain sight all along.



Western Zodiac Equivalent


The equivalent of the horse in the Western zodiac is the Gemini, which belongs to the element of air. This helps explain the boundless energy that both signs have in abundance, as well as the curious and highly sociable nature that they share. The horse and the Gemini may often find themselves in need of honest friends who will tell them if they're on the wrong path, which is why 2019 is the year you should spend more time than ever listening to those that you trust.


The Year of the Horse


The year of the pig promises to be a whirlwind year for those born during the year of the horse. Horoscopes suggest that horses can expect once-in-a-lifetime career opportunities as well as a rare chance of meaningful romance. The trick will be to balance the two, being able to make the most of your professional growth without pushing your love life to the wayside.


Published: 24 January 2019

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