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Chinese Zodiac - The Dog


The Chinese zodiac spans back thousands of years, and it has been a guiding force for people even to this day. Unlike the Western zodiac, which uses astrology to tell us about what may be in store, the Chinese zodiac focuses on the Wuxing, this being the five elements of earth, fire, water, metal and wood. Within the zodiac, those born under the year of the dog are known as loyal and dependable characters who will do anything for those they love, but they can have an aggressive streak when it comes to strangers. But there's a lot to cover here, so read on to find out more about the dog zodiac sign and what it means for you.


Chinese Zodiac - The Dog


The Chinese Year of the Dog


The dog zodiac animal is the eleventh symbol in the Chinese horoscope and its dates include 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 and 2030. The dog is an earth element yang sign and is a fiercely loyal and dependable character. In China, the dog is regarded as a lucky animal who brings forth good fortune and chases away evil spirits.


Dogs have strong loyalty towards their family and loved ones, but can be very defensive and aggressive towards strangers. This contrast in personalities gives them a unique mix of both yin and yang energies when needed.


Western Zodiac Compatibility with the Year of the Dog


For another perspective on these traits, the Western zodiac does correlate with the Chinese zodiac, and many signs relate to different years. The equivalent of the Chinese year of the dog is Libra. Libras are born between the dates September 23rd and October 22nd.


Libras are said to be very good companions and have an open-minded outlook on the world. They believe in fairness and don't allow prejudice to influence their opinions. They are very kind and loving people who work well in close groups and are great at making friends from all walks of life.


The Dog Characteristics


As mentioned above, the dog zodiac is a fiercely loyal and highly dependable character. They will never abandon the ones they love and will stand by them through thick and thin. They are good to have around in a crisis and know how to help people. Their honesty and integrity make them popular, and they often have a large group of friends. Dogs are great advice-givers and they do their best to help their friends improve themselves and break poor habits.


Dogs can also be very anxious, sensitive and sometimes stubborn characters, and this can get in the way of their decision making at times. But once they’ve made a decision, they are extremely strong-willed, and nothing will stop them from achieving their goals.



Love Compatibility of the Dog


While the rat dog and pig dog compatibility are considered strong, the dog and rabbit relationship is considered the most compatible match for dogs. Dogs are attracted to the kindness and compassion of the rabbit, and they make loyal and supportive partners to one another. The rabbit shares a lot of the same personality traits as the dog, and their hobbies and interests align well. This means that the dog and rabbit relationship will be very fun and fulfilling.


The tiger can also make a good partner for the dog. The tiger offers a lot of reassurance and positivity to offset the pessimism of the dog. The loyalty of the dog is something the tiger needs in a relationship too, so they make a strong team. Horses also make good partners for the dog as they share a lot of the same opinions and traits. This allows them to have an understanding and respectful relationship. They would relate to one another on most things, and their personalities match up well.


Bad matches for the dog include the dragon, rooster and the sheep. Dogs and dragons are likely to clash since they don’t share similar traits and they won’t trust one another. This makes them likely to argue with each other a lot, and their relationship would be a rocky one. The dog and ox won’t have much in common either as their traits and opinions differ too much. They will find it hard to relate to each other and they will have a hard time interacting. They may not clash or argue much, but they won’t have a fulfilling relationship.


Ultimately, those born during the year of the dog will need to fight against their analytical and cautious nature and learn to go with the flow in order to get the most out of their lives.


Published: 23 January 2019

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