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A Day in the Life of a Tarot reader


What does a typical Tarot reader do on a daily basis? Where do they go, who do they speak to and how do they go about their business? It’s an intriguing world for anyone who is interested in Tarot but, of course, the truth is that a Tarot reader is just like me and you!


A Tarot reader may be blessed with psychic gifts but reading Tarot cards is also a skill that can be developed and improved if enough time and dedication is put into it. So, it stands to reason that tarot readers are just the same as any other person; it’s just their daily jobs that might be a little bit different.


Of course, for any Tarot reader, the day often starts with their own reading. Tarot cards can give a great deal of deeper spiritual insight into events which helps the reader answer questions and deal with difficulties in day to day life. Of course, experience and skill is needed to accurately decipher and translate the meaning of the Tarot cards.

For someone who makes a professional living from reading Tarot, their day might start by speaking to people on the phone who are interested in having readings and arranging appointments this way.

A great many Tarot readers now also offer online tarot services as an effective way of reaching people further away or who are unable to have Tarot readings in person for various reasons (perhaps they are elderly, disabled or have young children). So for many readers, their day may consist of giving several online tarot readings.

The life of a Tarot reader is as varied and interesting as the cards they read. It’s a skill which requires dedication but ultimately allows the Tarot reader to help people find the insight they are looking for.


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