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Your Introduction to the Amazing World of Numerology


Numerology is the art of interpreting the meanings of numbers. Numbers are used for counting, but in ancient civilizations it was more usual to see connections and patterns throughout existence.  Philosophers and seers regarded numbers as symbols, each with a deep significance.  Through the ages the interpretations have only varied a little bit.  In our 21st Century we feel we have more power and choice, and so the idea of ‘fate’ has waned.  However, the interpretations of the numbers are pretty much the same and we can still use them for clarification about our path in life and wisdom about the options we have. 




Numerology was practiced all over the world, from India and China through to South America and the tribes who built Stonehenge.  It is present in systems such as The Tarot, Hebrew Qabalah and the I Ching.  The philosopher Pythagoras of Samos was one of the earliest known numerologists.  Born around 600 CE, he was a well-known teacher of mysticism.  He believed that numbers were sacred because they existed independently from material manifestation – in other words they are concepts.  Numbers form the vibration of music and also the geometry that guides everything, from seashells to planetary orbits.  This scientific fact is also the basis of esoteric beliefs.





Your name – as you will see – is very important in numerology.  In Hebrew, letters of the alphabet are also numbers.  Some numerologists convert the Hebrew system to fit our alphabet as follows (N.B. 9 is not used):

 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8  
 A    B     C     D    E    U    O     F
 I     K     G     M    H    V    Z     P
Q    R     L      T     L    W
 J           S                    X

However, today most people prefer to use the letters in our own ABC, converting letters to numbers in order, as below:

1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9
A     B     C    D    E     F    G     H      I
J     K     L    M     N     O    P    Q     R
S    T     U    V     W     X     Y    Z

Why do we use only the numbers 1 -9? Because for us 9 is the completion of a cycle and after that we move to 10, which is composed of two digits.  Esoteric teachings vary the world over, but it is usually best to work with what has meaning in our time and culture.  For many centuries we have used a 1-9 system, and so this is deeply embedded in the subconscious of each of us.  Certain ‘Master Numbers’ e.g. 11 and 22 are also sometimes used. See for yourself how the 1-9 system works for you.







We are all very complex, and numbers affect us in a variety of ways.  For instance, your house number, car number – even phone number – can have their input.  For your personality and destiny there are five major numbers.  These are YOUR PERSONALITY NUMBER, YOUR LIFE PATH NUMBER, YOUR SOUL NUMBER, YOUR DESTINY NUMBER AND YOU’RE HERE-AND-NOW NUMBER.  All numbers are reduced to a single digit by their digits being added together, so 28 = 2+8+ 10, 1+0=1.  So 28 becomes 1.





This is found from the date in the month on which you were born.  If you were born on 1st, your Personality Number is 1, on the 2nd it is 2, on 14th it is 5 and so on.  Your Personality Number stays with you throughout life – you can’t change it but you can work with it.  It’s an expression of the real you.





This is found using all the numbers in your entire birth-date, so if you were born on 14th July 1980 your Life Path Number is 1+4+7+1+9+8+0 = 30, 3+0=3.  So your Life Path is 3.  This number also is unchanging.  It indicates the journey you are on in life.





This is found by adding the numerical values of the vowels in your name.  The vowels are A E I O U and sometimes Y or W  - there are the ‘outbreath’ of your essence.  So Jane Jones is 1+5+1+5 = 12, 1+2=3.  So she has a Soul Number of 3.  The Soul Number shows groups you connect with, people you are attracted to and your dreams and yearnings.  These can change.





This is arrived at using the entire name on your birth certificate.  For instance:
Jane Mary Jones is 1+1+5+5+4+1+9+7+1+6+5+5+1=51, 5+1=6, making 6 her Destiny Number.  To an extent your Destiny Number will be around you all your life, but it can be greatly modified if you decide to change your name.





This is taken from your nick-name or shortened name.  This can even vary from place to place, social group to social group, home to work, depending on what people are calling you and it is a very immediate ‘vibration’.  It is taken from adding together the numerical values of all the letters in your nickname.





Check out our articles on each of the numbers as they appear on the website.  These articles will tell you the meanings of your numbers, for instance 1 is independent, 2 is friendly, 3 is playful etc.  Then you can make a list of the numbers that apply to you and begin working with them.  For immediate insight, however, contact our expert readers at The Circle to find out about your potential and destiny.

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