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Palmistry - The Line of Success



The Line of Health – also called the Hepatica – is another line that is not found on every hand. Not having a Line of Health is a good sign – it means you are strong, robust and that your nerves are steady, so you are unlikely to harm yourself by negative thinking and fears. But do not despair if you have one because you can do a great deal to alter its effects, even if it is badly placed.






The Line of Health starts under the little finger, on what is called the Mount of Mercury. It is one of those lines on the hand that may change greatly during a lifetime, depending on lifestyle. Sometimes it may look deep and threatening in the early years, only to fade as time goes by, due to the choices made by the person. Your subconscious mind knows how strong your resistance to disease is and reveals its knowledge in the Line of Health.




  • If you have no Line of health, then you are fortunate. Barring accidents and carelessness, there is every chance that you will live, comfortably, to a ripe old age
  • A Line of Health that runs straight along the side of the palm, without coming near the Line of Life, is the best sign, second only to not having the line at all. This means that whatever health problems you have are unlikely to be life threatening, or even to affect the way you live to any great extent
  • If it rises low down on the Mount of Mercury, looking as if it is a branch of the Heart Line, then heart weakness or disease are on the cards, although this can be avoided by exercise and sensible diet
  • If this line is very short and heavy, seeming only to join the Heart and Head lines together, then the ancients regarded this as a sign of brain fever. If you have this then it is likely you become easily emotionally overwrought and must learn to detach and relax
  • A line running across the palm, but not touching the Line of Life indicates that although you may not be strong, precisely, you are resilient, and can recover well from illness
  • Where the line is heavily marked, crossing the palm and intercepting the Lifeline, then some potentially fatal disease is foretold. The higher up the Lifeline (i.e., the nearer the thumb) the Health Line crosses, the earlier will death arrive. It is easy to hazard a guess at the year of death, taking the entire Lifeline to be about eighty to ninety years. So, if the Health Line crosses at the half-way point, this threatens death at about forty. However, this is not written in tablets of stone! With a change of lifestyle and some common sense, this need never happen. Recovery is also possible, although the illness may leave a permanent weakness




  • If the Line of Life looks like a chain, or is weak, then a strong Line of Health increases the danger of illness
  • If the Line of Life is deep and robust, a well-marked Health Line is less threatening
  • If the Line of Head has many islands and the Line of Health is powerfully marked, there is a likelihood of severe headaches
  • Rheumatic fever may be suggested by a Health Line that has lots of red spots
  • If the Health Line is twisted, irregular and yellow-tinged, liver disorders are hinted at
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER that lines on the palm change, and this is especially true of the Health Line. The recently evolved science of epigenetics proves that we can have huge effects on our health and even alter our genetic profile by lifestyle choices. So, if you think you have a dodgy Health Line, do not panic! Make constructive changes and watch that line fade!


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PUBLISHED: 21 May 2021

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