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What is Face Reading?


Understand face reading techniques and how the facial features can explain a person’s characteristics. Face reading can be discovered by anyone…


From a very young age, we have all learned how to read a person’s feelings by their facial expressions. However, we have also learned that we can forge facial expressions, hiding our feelings behind a mask if we wish to. Expressions can be manipulated to get the desired effect of the wearer, thus not necessarily portraying the truth. While this is understandable and sometimes necessary in situations, we can sometimes get lost in faking how we feel, which can have a knock-on effect on how we approach life and experience situations. The facial features such as the facial shape, eyes, lips and forehead can actually tell us more about a person than their facial expression.



Although many people may not have heard of face reading, it has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. ‘Physiognomy’, more commonly known as ‘face reading’, is a skill of using face reading techniques to interpret the face and discover the inner soul of a person. Unlike facial expressions that may be artificial, face reading will highlight information from the face which cannot be faked. Most of us on the outside can put on a pretence or a mask hiding our emotions and the more trusting of people can be disappointed when they discover that someone who appeared to be honest and trustworthy, under the surface is far from it. Each facial feature has a corresponding psychological meaning, making your face an emotional and physical map of who you are. Similar to the art of reading body language, face reading is a study that has more substance, making it a popular way of finding out more about someone.



How does the facial shape or forehead determine a person’s character? Learning face reading is a technique that requires focus, study and understanding. However, once it is learned, it can open up a realm of possibilities as you discover more about people, not only about their character but how you relate to them in different circumstances. Here are some basics about face reading:
EYE TO EYEBROW DISTANCE: Someone with more distance between their eyes and eyebrows is cautious and does not rush decisions. A person with a small distance between their eyes and eyebrows lives for the moment and makes quick decisions easily.

LIP SIZE: A person with big lips will be very talkative and sometimes dominate social conversations. They will give you the full story and are often friendly and good company. A person with small lips will be less talkative and may be fairly shy or conservative in speaking up about how they feel. They may hide emotions and be secretive about things.
FACIAL SHAPE: A person with a broad face will be fairly confident and have the ability to influence others' decisions. Someone with a thin face may be naturally anxious or fear making decisions, but they will be confident in areas where they have had good experiences. A person with a round facial shape will be friendly, confident and helpful.
NOSE SHAPE: A person with a small nose will be organised and methodical. They do not mind repetitive work that enables them to keep things orderly. Someone with a big nose or a hooked nose will not like being told what to do. They like to make their own decisions and be their own boss. A person with an upturned nose may be gullible and trust everyone, much to their disappointment.
It may change the way you approach work, relationships and family members…




Face reading helps you to understand why you may react to various situations and why you may feel things more intensely than others. It can give you insight into your talents or help you through an important change in your life. It may change the way you approach work, relationships and family members. Learning how to face read will give you personal self-empowerment, more confidence and more self-esteem in terms of dealing with people, especially those who you may not know that well. Being able to read a person’s face may change the way you approach them or speak to them, perhaps giving you a better rapport, helping you to achieve your desired outcome from the relationship.




Sometimes in life we are faced with challenges and difficulties that may make us feel vulnerable or powerless. If you are having problems in your marriage or relationships, perhaps you need some reassuring insight so that you can have confidence in your future. If you are unhappy in a job or are thinking about looking for a new position, you may just need some comforting guidance that you are making the right decision. Empower yourself for the future, speak to the UK’s most gifted readers at TheCircle.



PUBLISHED: 1 March 2021

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