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Dreaming of Being On Stage


Do you want to know more about yourself?  Do you long to take a peek into the future, develop your intuition and feel more in tune with the way your life is shaping up?  There is a whole storehouse of wisdom and insight that offers itself to you, nightly, when you dream.  Dreams are communications from your subconscious, telling you about your true needs and feelings and giving you hints about what’s to come.  Dreams are often the way those who have died get in touch with us.  When you sleep your logical mind shuts down and your instinctual self begins to speak, in signs and symbols.  Learn its language and you will be empowered.





Shakespeare wrote ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’  Life itself is a kind of ‘stage’ where we play parts, and although we may behave as if this world is the only reality, and it will go on forever, deep down we know that’s not true.  Your soul is aware that this physical body is a costume it has chosen, for this incarnation.  Dreams of being on stage are a gentle reminder of this.  Play well, but don’t take things too seriously.  Be aware that it’s not as ‘real’ as it seems, and if you alter the script, that’s up to you.  The only audience is you, and you are the only one who needs to be impressed by the performance.

There are more immediate meanings to being on stage, however, and your subconscious will, in all probability, be telling you about your life as it is, currently.  A ‘scene’ in your life is being highlighted.  Maybe you have a sense that something is ‘fake’.  Are you doing too much just for show?  Are you trying to please a crowd, rather than be yourself?  Do you feel that many people are looking at you, watching what you do, and you have to ‘perform’ 24/7, with little privacy?  Is what you do an expression of what other people want, of what they are going to admire, rather than something true and meaningful, within you?  Being on stage means approval and/or importance – you are making yourself visible but it may be coming at a price.

IF THE CROWD ARE APPLAUDING you are getting it right at the moment, in respect of those that matter.  You may feel on a high.  It’s great to be successful, so carry on the same way, but be aware that this may be superficial.

IF THE CROWD ARE BOOING then you feel that lots of people are disapproving and in fact that you’re making a public spectacle of yourself, showing a part of yourself that you’d rather conceal, or simply making very obvious mistakes.  This may mean that you are afraid of failure, or scared that you’ve already slipped up and are going to be shamed in public.  Realize that nothing is that bad, successful people make mistakes, and the crowd only remembers what happens today – yesterday’s headlines are in the trash.  So whatever it is, live it down.

IF YOU’RE A CLOWN what sorrow are you hiding, just for effect?  You’ve heard about ‘the tears of a clown’.  Are you bottling something up?  Do you think people will only like you if you’re funny?  Are you blundering through life, consoling yourself for messing up by making people laugh?  Pull yourself together and start playing the lead.

IF IT’S A BIG DRAMA what are you getting out of proportion?  Are you over-dramatising something, just for attention?  If so, you are now being reminded to get to grips with the real issues, rather than ‘act out.’

IF IT’S A COMEDY this is another reminder not to take things too seriously.  A light touch works best.

IF IT’S A MUSICAL harmony and romance are in the air.  Not only can you impress, you can also enchant.

IF YOU’RE DANCING you are getting more in synch with what’s going on, with other important people and most likely a ‘significant other.’

IF YOU’RE IN THE AUDIENCE then there’s something you need to see or hear that perhaps isn’t totally clear to you.  This dream is a reminder to step back and view what’s going on from a distance, so you can re-evaluate. 

Look out for other dream interpretations on this website.  Of course there are times when you need some insight and positive input that you can’t get through dreams or in any way on your own. You may also want someone wise to talk to about your dreams.  Don’t worry – at The Circle we have all that you could wish for in psychic readings and clairvoyant readings.  Why not call us today, to be connected to a medium, or psychic and to feel supported and guided.



PUBLISHED: 17 February 2015




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