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What Your Dreams Mean - Dreaming About The Sun


Do you want to know more about yourself? Do you long to take a peek into the future, develop your intuition and feel more in tune with the way your life is shaping up? There is a whole storehouse of wisdom and insight that offers itself to you, nightly, when you dream. Dreams are communications from your subconscious, telling you about your true needs and feelings and giving you hints about what’s to come. Dreams are often the way those who have died get in touch with us. When you sleep your logical mind shuts down and your instinctual self begins to speak, in signs and symbols. Learn its language and you will be empowered.




The Sun is the giver of life and the regulator of night and day.  When the Sun goes down, instinct takes over from intellect, we fall asleep and lose contact with normal consciousness.  So the Sun represents the rational mind, awareness and personality.  It is life energy, success and also enlightenment.  The Sun is a powerful dream-symbol and may figure more strongly at Midsummer, when it is at its height.
A SUNNY DAY - means happiness, either with you now, or in store
A SUN DANCE - means worship of the sun, which in turn means a search for true enlightenment.  Such a dream may mean that you are on the verge of a spiritual breakthrough
SOAKING UP THE WARMTH OF THE SUN - You are finding healing and energy.  You may also be opening yourself to awareness of the Divine
IF THE SUN IS COMING OUT FROM BEHIND CLOUDS - this is a good sign for any new enterprise.  It may even mean you are about to win something
SUNSHINE - means abundance, joy and success are on their way
IF THE SUN GOES SUPERNOVA OR EXPLODES - brace yourself for the end of something really major in your life, such as a relationship, or vocation. You may have to reinvent yourself in some way 
IF THE SUN IS COMPLETELY HIDDEN - ask yourself what has happened to your self-confidence and your zest for life? What are you afraid of?  Find a way to help yourself, so that your sun can shine. Our readers at The Circle are there for just such times, so why not call and discuss this?
A SOLAR ECLIPSE - has always been a bad sign, since early times. But don’t worry too much. It could signal trouble at work or with the family. It could also mean an ending – but that will be followed by a new beginning
A SUNSET symbolizes endings, but this should be gentle and peaceful
DAWN is a wonderful sign of new hope, new starts and rebirth
SIZE MATTERS!  The bigger the sun the more important the events will be
A HOT, SCORCHING SUN can mean that your intellect – or someone else’s intellect – is drying up your emotions.  It is all too easy for the logical mind to drive away and trivialise the emotions, but without your feelings and intuitions your life can become a desert.  You don’t have to let that happen
Look out for other dream interpretations on this website.  Of course there are times when you need some insight and positive input that you can’t get through dreams or in any way on your own. You may also want someone wise to talk to about your dreams.  Don’t worry – at TheCircle we have all that you could wish for in Psychic Readings and ClairvoyantRreadings.  Why not call us today, to be connected to a Medium, or Psychic and to feel supported and guided.

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