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Plan a Calmer Life For Your Relationship


During this challenging time it's important that you maintain some calm in your relationship, be tolerant and patient and try to live harmoniously.


Practice these five changes for a better understanding and bring you closer together. Remember we're always here to help you along the way to:
·       Relieve the tension
·       Set boundaries and 'me time'
·       Spend quality time together
·       Don't sweat the small stuff
·       Be creative and have fun




Living in a tense atmosphere can create many issues, with feelings unspoken, causing resentment and hostility. It can soon escalate into a mountainous problem. When living in close proximity, day in, day out, it may seem easier to bottle things up and ignore any tension, but that will only make things worse.
So when you feel the time is right, suggest to your partner that you have an honest conversation to discuss your feelings. In a calm way tell him or her what you think the problems are and discuss how you should both tackle the situation together. Listen to each other, without interrupting and plan. Then agree to have a weekly chat with open communication to ensure that things are on track and nothing is going unsaid. 
If this is proving difficult to do, book a reading for advice. Our Readers are highly skilled in offering relationship support.




One thing that can easily cause tension is not having boundaries and 'alone time' in your relationship. It's easy to invade each others 'space' when you are together so much and this can be quite suffocating.

You could agree to have a room all to yourself for a period of time, in private and without interruption. A nice long soak in the bath with some candles will be very calming. Or have the TV to yourself, crash out and watch your favourite programmes, read a book, or play some music. You could also take the time to have a web CHAT which is a good way to offload how you are feeling.
Do some gentle stretching, maybe some yoga or try meditating. It is important to calm your mind to cope with what is going on around you. So, get in a comfortable position and listen to some calm music or a meditation guide, you will feel mentally refreshed afterwards. Try and make this a daily practice and suggest to your partner that they do the same.



Without a routine, it's easy to slip into bad habits and not have any quality time together. Schedule some regular time and do something you both enjoy. Go for a walk to one of your favourite places, take a picnic, discuss what makes you happy and your hopes for the future together, agreeing not to discuss any domestic matters.

Have a date night, make a special place in your home with the table set, candles and soft romantic music. Dress up and wear some nice clothes. If neither of you want to cook, order in a takeaway. Keep the TV off and mute your phones. Talk about when you first met and remind yourselves why you fell for each other in the first place. Exchange a small gift, even just a card with some nice words will be heart warming. Remember what's important to keep your relationship alive.



With so few distractions, it's easy to overreact to small problems which can seem exaggerated and have petty arguments. Think before you speak and whether the issue would have bothered you so much when you had a busy life. If not, let it go....pick your battles wisely, or you will end up living in a battlefield, which will only end badly. Don't react in anger... easier said than done, but if things can be discussed in a calm way, a solution can usually be found without hostility and bad feeling.

Have a web CHAT in private with one of our readers who can guide you with some useful tactics. And remind yourselves, it's all small stuff really, compared to what some people have been going through recently. 



Discover your creativity together and have fun with it. You don't have to do the same thing, but it would be nice to enjoy it at the same time. Or maybe set each other a challenge to try something new. It could be preparing a special dish and doing a blind taste, painting, drawing or some woodwork. Tap into your talents and do whatever takes your fancy. Compare your achievements after and get other family members to award you marks for a bit of competition.

Another way to ease the tension and forget about any problems, is to set aside time to have fun and laugh together. As adults, we can forget to do this as our busy 'grown up' lives take over with work, family, and responsibilities. Maybe go for a bike ride, play a sport together, like badminton, tennis, or rounders with the family. 
Have 'disco night', play some old tunes that you both used to enjoy and dance the night away. To add to the fun, you could dig out some old clothes and try to recreate your image from the past. Dancing is a fabulous way to get exercise, lose yourself in the sounds and feel young and free again. So, dance away your troubles and end the night with a nice smooch to some slow numbers with your partner. Physical contact can be very calming and make us feel loved, which makes everything else seem unimportant.
As life gets back to normal, remember the efforts you made to maintain calm and improve your relationship and incorporate some of these into your daily routine.


So remember these useful tips to: Relieve the tension, set boundaries and 'me time', spend quality time together, don't sweat the small stuff, be creative and have fun!
Our Readers can help you focus on the positives in your relationship and find a healthy balance. Take the time to book a call for a psychic reading or have a web CHAT in private whenever suits you. Their calm, reassuring manner will help you take control, bring some peace and harmony to life with your partner and help you look forward to better times ahead.



PUBLISHED: 7 July 2020

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