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Make Your Relationship Magical In Six Steps


Excitement is all around as Christmas draws close.  We all want that extra ‘something’ to make our lives special.


Learn how you can bring touches of magic to your relationship – and even transform it completely – with these six tips.
Read about:
  • Doing something completely different
  • Exploring past lives
  • Meditating together
  • Sharing your night-time dreams
  • Sharing a project
  • Talking about your loving expression


We all get into habits and you and your lover are probably no exception.  Going to the same places, doing the same things with the same people – being in your comfort zone may seem like a cosy option, especially at this time of year, but it can make your relationship go stale.
Start to do different things.  Try unusual foods, alter your routine, wear clothes in another style.  Go to different places, and be more adventurous than the other pub further up the road!  Try talks and workshops, join local groups and even branch out to explore historical sites and find out more about your area.
If your funds will stretch to it, go on holiday to somewhere you’ve never thought of.  The object isn’t just to find new activities and venues that you like.  In fact it may not matter much if you don’t like what you’re trying, as long as you can have a laugh about it together.
Being somewhere different can reveal your dearest to you in a new light and add spice to your relationship.


Did you realise that we reincarnate in groups?  In past lives you may well have been close to family and friends.  Certain souls have a connection among them and learn together.  Chances are that you and your lover have been a couple before.  Exploring this can strengthen your bond.
Many of our Readers can reveal past lives to you.  You can also explore it by yourselves.  The strong preferences you have, the fears you have, the countries you feel drawn to – how many of these do you share?  These feelings are often a clue to past lives.
Go into a day-dreamy state together and just see what comes to mind.  What one person ‘sees’ can trigger the other.  This can be a fascinating shared journey.


Some people feel that meditating is difficult, time-consuming and a chore, but none of this is true.  Just five or ten minutes meditation can really help, and when you do it together it’s a lovely feeling to share.
Play some relaxing music if you like.  Lie down holding hands lightly, but don’t touch each other any more than that, and keep your hands relaxed and still.  Concentrate on your physical feelings, what you see, hear, smell, and feel.  Be aware of your thoughts – don’t expect your brain to go quiet but just be aware that although you have thoughts, your thoughts are separate from you.  Let relaxation flow over you, checking for any spots of tension and dissolving them.
When your session is over, swap your feelings.  Chances are you’ll both feel mellow and close.


It’s a good idea to take note of your dreams anyway.  When you both do this it will keep the habit going and you may notice a pattern.  Before you go to sleep ask for important dreams and talk about them together.
When you have been doing this for a few weeks, ask to meet in your dreams.  This may happen quite naturally anyway.  Next morning you may remember both being in the same dream!  That’s when things can get really interesting……


Loving each other is one thing, but believe it or not being devoted to a project together can be an even greater bond.  It motivates you both, banishes ‘staleness’ and keeps you enthusiastic.  What a marvelous thing it is to be doing something as a couple!
Choose something that fires you both up.  This could be a charity or environmental effort, or creating something for your home.  The more you do together the more shared satisfaction you will have.


There are various ways of expressing love.  Yours may be hugging and kissing but your partner may show love in practical ways – maybe cooking or paying bills.  Some people find it easy to say ‘I love you’ while others believe actions speak louder then words.  It’s important to understand your lover’s ‘language’ so you can make each other feel valued.
Try to understand your dear one’s approach and notice how they express it.  During the day express your love consciously in the way that’s natural for you, but do it an extra bit.  Your lover should agree to do the same.  At night time cuddle up and tell each other that you’ve noticed their expressions of love, that you cherish them and are grateful.  Enjoy the warmth between you.


Doing something different, exploring past lives together, meditating, sharing your night-time dreams, sharing a project and talking about your love – you now have six ideas to inject magic into your relationship.



PUBLISHED: 31 December 2018


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