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How To Laugh More With Your Partner

Laughter is wonderful for body, spirit – and relationships!  A good giggle can turn a bad day to a great one and make you see things totally differently.  Laughing together is also a wonderful bond – better than sharing sparkling wine!  If you and your partner have lost that zing, if there are problems between you and lots of disagreements, laughing can bring you back together.  If things are going well it’s a fab aphrodisiac!

Find out about:
  • How laughter reduces stress
  • The importance of commitment
  • Considering each other’s feelings
  • Considering your partner’s sense of humour
  • Finding what you share
  • A list of fun activities to try


It’s proven by science – laughter wipes out stress.  It boosts your immune system, soothes anxiety, lifts depression and softens anger.  You can discuss this with your partner and reach agreement that laughing will be a good thing.


If possible make a commitment with your dear one that you will both seek laughter and try to amuse the other one.  When one of you is down in the dumps or grumpy the other should remind them, with a gentle nudge and a smile, that you are both trying to laugh more.  Needless to say, this needs to be done carefully, and with prior agreement.  Joshing someone who is in a bad place can have the reverse effect.
Each morning, when you wake up, remind each other that you’re going to laugh together.  Certainly begin the day with a wide grin at each other.  You could have competitions to see who can make the other laugh the most, with prizes for the winner – hopefully ones that will make you laugh even more.
Each evening assess where you’ve got to on the laugh-o-meter.  If you’ve done great, celebrate.  If it wasn’t so good, ask yourselves why.  Commit to tomorrow being a better day.


Trying to make someone laugh can be dodgy.  If your partner is worried or upset, twisting a smile out of them might seem unsympathetic.  This is because emotions need to be heard.  Just because your partner isn’t ready to see the funny side does not mean they’re a wet blanket.  Maybe after talking things through and receiving sympathy, that smile will be ready to lift the corners of their mouth again.


Hopefully you have a good idea of what is going to make your loved one laugh, and what’s going to be a damp squib.  Try to honour this, because expecting to get a guffaw from a joke the other person will find irritating or obscure – or, worse still, uncomfortable or unkind - can appear as lack of empathy.  
The idea is to tune in to your partner as much as you can and make them laugh, while they do the same for you.  Even if you’re amused by different things, seeing someone you love falling about with giggles will often set you off, too.


When you first met, the chemistry between you was all a-sizzle and you probably laughed spontaneously together.  What triggered those grins and giggling fits?  Remember and re-create if you can.
As time goes by things change and we move back into ‘ordinary’ life.  You may have both ‘reverted to type’ and the new reactions – including the humour – that your partner evoked have disappeared.  This could mean that actually you’ve got very different senses of what’s funny.  But that’s no problem – you can still do your best to laugh together.  There is bound to be something that you do share, so focus on that.


Bearing all these things in mind, now you can get going on the process of being funny.  Here are a few suggestions:
  • Have a pillow or cushion fight.  (If you start this at the right time it could be very erotic)
  • Go to a park and watch children and/or animals.  Better still, have animals yourself – they are always good for a laugh!
  • Watch comedy films and comedians
  • Read to each other from joke books
  • Invite friends round as often as you can and keep the conversation light and giggly
  • Spend time with funny people
  • Memorise jokes to tell your dear one – and remember sometimes forgetting the punch-line can be a chuckle in itself!
  • Make silly faces, especially if you can do it with the children.  Children’s giggles are the most infectious of all
  • Play a practical joke together.  Conspiring to do this can bring out the child in each of you, but please only do this if you know your victim will find it funny
  • Play a practical joke on each other but again, only if you are sure your partner will find it funny
Be creative and give yourself permission to be silly, irresponsible and even to make a fool of yourself.  All you need is one good, belly-laugh a day and it will all be worth it!



Now you know how valuable laughter is in reducing stress, how important it is to make a commitment, consider each other’s feelings and individual sense of humour, and define what you share.  You also have a list of things to try.  Now you are set on your way to a relationship full of fun and mirth, but if things don’t go quite as planned, there’s still plenty of hope.  Our wise Readers are on hand to discuss your problems and doubts so call without delay and set yourself on the track of laughter.



PUBLISHED: 20 September 2018

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