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Common Family Problems & When Family Fall Out


Do you have family problems? Working out how to resolve family issues, therapy for troubled families and a self-help guide on where to start.



Family issues are incredibly common and although it can be very stressful for everyone involved, with time and perseverance you can overcome the cause and find a solution. Sibling rivalry is almost expected when you are young, you grow up in each other’s pockets and there is a natural competitiveness between you. One of the most common problems for adult siblings to have issues is because their parents have compared them as children, or they feel that they have been compared. There can still be a grudge deep down and it can be something very trivial in adulthood that can blow everything up and out of proportion. In fact, the root of the cause is much deeper than the trivial subject that they have fallen out over and something that perhaps was never resolved in childhood. Sorting out family problems can take some time, especially when it involves more than two people and especially if those involved are stubborn (and possibly very alike!).

Parents have to take a step back and let the child live an adult life…






It is believed that around 45% of children do not talk to their parents because they have fallen out with them over something. The child wants to have a voice and be heard and the adult believes that that they say should be respected. This rises to an incredible 61% between the ages of 18 – 34 years old. The reasons for family problems and parent / children falling out, can be from a disagreement about where they are living, what they are doing workwise or university, money issues, that the parent doesn’t agree with their relationship – it can be a whole host of reasons. Parents have to take a step back and let the child live an adult life, not compare their children to each other and respect that they will live and learn by their own mistakes, no matter what advice they give them. Stubbornness and disagreements will usually work themselves out, but what happens if it is ongoing and there seems to be no action taken on problem solving?

Major family issues may need a lot more work and family therapy can be helpful…






Letting major family problems exceed to a possible point of no return can be incredibly damaging in the long run. Relationships are at risk of never being healed, creating barriers and tension throughout the whole family. Troubled families can be the cause of instability for children and adults and finding a middle ground or solution may feel like it’s near impossible. So what can be done to fix or heal a damaged family relationship? There are a lot of different kind of problems, common problems often just need to be worked out through communication, respect and acceptance. However, major family issues may need a lot more work and family therapy can be helpful, if the people who are involved are willing to take part. Family therapy is an excellent way to help family issues and to find a common ground for everyone to voice their fears, thoughts, opinions and hopes for the future. It will help troubled families to communicate on a new level:

  • Helps close family members to communicate equally and in a peaceful environment with mediation
  • Enables you to show that you care about each other
  • Encourages you to open up with your emotions and thoughts
  • Helps you to understand each other’s point of view
  • Helps you to appreciate each other’s needs
  • Encourages you to reflect on your relationship with each other and make changes where necessary if it is unbalanced
  • Helps you to respect each other’s thoughts and feelings
  • Supports you in finding solutions and rebuilding the relationship




Problem solving when there are family issues can be a difficult process. The most damaging part of families falling out is when there becomes a divide, where some people speak to each other and some don’t. Family members may expect other members to follow in their steps and to ignore somebody they have had a disagreement with. The parties involved need to want to find a solution so that the family can come back together for the future. Family therapy is not only for deeper intense issues, it can also be for common problems because it acts as a vehicle to move the relationship forward, enabling communication, understanding and opening up of emotions. Different kind of problems for troubled families may make you feel like there is no obvious answer and even if the family problems will never be thoroughly resolved; you can still find a way to communicate and rebuild the relationship on a different level.

Show respect for everyone’s point of view, do not expect everyone to feel the same as you…






Remember, blood is thicker than water and no matter what the family problems are, you still love and care for each other deep down, even if right now you don’t want to show it. Do not compare your family members to others, everyone is different and nobody should try and be the same. Learn to stand back instead of always getting involved, give people space to work things out for themselves if that’s what they want. Show respect for everyone’s point of view, do not expect everyone to feel the same as you or to follow in your footsteps. Speak positively about others, do not try and manipulate others to be negative about people that you have fallen out with. Be empathetic and compassionate towards those that are involved and ask others to do the same. Spend time together, communicate and be gentle with each other. Encourage family members in life and celebrate each other’s achievements.




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Common Family Problems & When Family Fall Out


PUBLISHED: 27 April 2016

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