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Seven Guidelines To An Enlightened Relationship


If you have an enlightened relationship you can enjoy happiness and harmony.  However, even if your relationship needs some work you can still create enlightenment between you.


Follow these seven pointers for a truly spiritual connection.
  • What is an ‘enlightened’ relationship
  • Explore your past together
  • Understand your differences
  • Explore spirituality and set goals
  • Practice daily spiritual activities
  • Get close
  • Play together
  • Have time alone


This is a partnership where there is empathy, compassion and communication.  Each of you has a willingness to understand the other and to support each other on your path in life.  This relationship helps you learn and grow, but also to be joyful.  Together you can progress spiritually, and you are probably a force for good in the world, spreading well-bring.
An ‘enlightened relationship’ does not mean you never row, or disagree, spend every moment together and feel unable to manage without each other.  It does mean you work with any problems openly, being honest with yourself and your partner and always remembering that the love between you is paramount.


We all have a past that has shaped us.  Firstly, you need to understand how your past has affected you.  For instance, you may have been very frightened by your parents arguing and when you hear a door slam it takes you back to that place of fear.  If your partner regularly slams doors you may get angry and on edge – your partner is ‘pressing one of your buttons’ with that behaviour.
That is just one simple and obvious example.  There may be more subtle triggers that you don’t yet recognise, and issues also from past relationships.  Your partner will have his or her own ‘buttons’, too.  Be prepared to take a long, hard look together at how your past has affected you – this can involve exploring your subconscious.  Then you can help and understand each other.


We are all different – it’s a fact!  Some people react quickly, others have a slow burn.  Some are organised, some are not, some like to daydream while others are practical – there are endless differences between people and who would have it any other way?  But when you live with someone their traits can get on your nerves and you may find yourself asking why they can’t be more like you!
It can help to start with the zodiac sign each of you is born under.  Read the character descriptions.  Even if they don’t all apply, this can give you an insight into the fact that you are born different.  Even if you have the same, or very compatible signs, the rest of your astrological charts will differ greatly.  The point of this is not to study astrology but to realise that your partner is, yes, different.  They cannot change at will any more than you can, and it’s not right that either of you should. 
Learn not only to accept differences, but to delight in them!


Your relationship can be great even if your beliefs are different.  However, it must be said that if you find your partner’s beliefs totally unacceptable, you may need to ask yourself if you’re in the right place.
As you go through life, beliefs change.  Explore together without trying too hard to alter your partner’s perspective, share your experiences and be prepared to grow and change, because that’s what life is all about.
Your paths in life involve identifying and creating goals.  Make sure you have some shared goals, so you can manifest worthwhile results together.  Celebrate your small victories and thank the Universe together.


Set time aside to meditate or do yoga together.  You may like to read to each other, walk together or even see a spiritual counsellor together.
If your life is busy, don’t commit to too much.  Ten minutes of this shared connection can cleanse your spirits and vitalise the bond you have.  Doing short times regularly is better than longer sessions which end up being sporadic, and may be abandoned.


When you fall in love the vibrations of your whole being are raised, and these raised frequencies are in harmony.  As ordinary life takes over, the pressures on you both bring you down, and out of synch.  The magic of that ‘in love’ feeling can fade.
Bring this back by sharing total together time.  Cuddle up, listen to music and talk about topics you know are going to bring you closer together.  Make eye contact and tune in to the soul of your lover.


When you met you did things just for fun, getting to know each other and feeling excited.  Everything made you smile and laugh, almost anything was worth a go, as long as you did it together.
Bring that spark back by playing together.  This could be something you both enjoy, such as sport or dancing, or it may be something that is totally new to one or both of you.  Try the things your partner enjoys – you never know until you give it a go, and that element of pure play will be thrilling.


The time you spend alone is as important as the time you spend together.  Each person needs to be able to follow their own path, to reflect and be private.  You also need to be separate in order to miss each other and appreciate each other.
Have your ‘me’ time and respect your partner’s privacy, for a relationship that feels truly special.


You should now have the tools to work towards an enlightened relationship.  You know what this is and that you need to explore your past together, accept your differences, explore and regularly practice spirituality, get close, play together and have time alone.  If you follow all these pointers your relationship will become truly enlightened.

Sometimes partnerships do not go smoothly.  It may be hard to understand what’s happening and you may feel hurt and confused.  Don’t struggle alone.  Our team of insightful and encouraging Readers is waiting to help you, so call today and move on with your life.



PUBLISHED: 17 October 2018

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