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Do You Have A Fear Of Flying?


A fear of flying can stop you from enjoying holidays abroad and having time with our family. What are the symptoms of fear of flying and how can you treat fear of flying?


Flying is believed to be one of the safest forms of transport, yet so many people have a fear of flying. Studies show that in fact flying is 10 times safer than traveling by train. Pilots and airplane staff are trained to deal with just about any emergency and there are very few accidents that happen compared with other forms of travel. Fear of flying is known as ‘Aviophobia’ and it can be a crippling phobia which prohibits people from enjoying holidays abroad or being able to fulfil their jobs if they are expected to travel. Understanding the fear is the first step to being able to treat fear of flying and reducing anxiety is the most important aspect as it is the most common cause.
Humans are a land species, so they naturally feel safer on the ground…


It is common knowledge that more people have a fear of flying than a fear of using any other transport, but why is this? Studies suggest that the fear of flying is based on a complex variety of reasons that create a general anxiety amongst most people. The anxiety often stems from the apprehension of a potential accident and a fear of death, making us feel vulnerable and out of control for our safety. Humans are a land species, so we naturally feel safer on the ground than in the air. If we are travelling on a train or in a car, we know that we are able to get out and have our feet firmly on the ground quickly. When we are air born and enclosed in a huge machine, we may feel helpless and exposed to risk. Some of us do not feel any fear of flying, while the majority of us may feel slight anxiety to an overwhelming terror.
The fear of flying has many contributing elements…


A fear of flying can be felt in many different ways and while the majority of us feel anxious about flying, for some people it can have an unpleasant physical and psychological effect. The fear of flying has many contributing elements such as fear of heights, crowded conditions or enclosed spaces, worrying about turbulence, terrorism and mechanical safety, and the most common feeling of simply being out of control of our safety. The symptoms of fear of flying can be:
ANXIETY: Feeling increasingly anxious and worried about your safety.
PANIC ATTACKS: Feeling panicky, shortness of breath and chest pains.
SWEATING: Excessive sweating is a physical reaction to anxiety.
SHAKING: Shaking and trembling is a reaction to fear or overwhelming anxiety.
DIZZINESS: Feeling faint or dizzy, or feeling spaced out is often because you are taking shallow breaths from increasing anxiety.
HEART: A pounding heart or heart palpitations is one of the common symptoms of fear of flying.
If you’re travelling alone don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation…


Most of us can overcome fear of flying and there are several methods that are used to lessen anxiety and nervousness for those who have an extreme reaction. If you are a regular traveller, then it may be worth investigating some of the group courses that airlines run specifically for people to treat fear of flying. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) has had proven success for people to overcome fear of flying, helping them to train their brain to reduce feelings of anxiety or worry. Hypnotherapy is also a good way to relax the mind and switch off and there are several specifically designed programmes to treat fear of flying. Self-help advice is to avoid alcohol as it is a stimulant that will increase anxiety. Some people take herbal supplements recommended by their GP, which calm or reduce anxious feelings. Using distraction techniques to take your mind off your concerns such as reading a good book, watching a film or listening to meditation tracks can be helpful too. If you’re travelling alone don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation with those around you; talking and communicating with others is a great way to increase your sense of security which will help you overcome fear of flying.



Having a fear of flying can stop you from enjoying the simple things in life, getting away with your loved ones for a much needed holiday and missing out on special family time away. Anxiety, apprehension and fear of what ‘might’ happen is common in everyone and many of us worry about the future and whether we will be happy. Feel positive about your future, speak to one of our gifted psychics at TheCircle to hear insight about your relationships, work or family. Be empowered and take control of your life.

PUBLISHED: 24 October 2016
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