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When life gets to be too much and you struggle to cope


We are busy people, all of us, and we drop exhausted into our beds at the end of the day more times than we care to admit. We also have many layers, and different things, going on within us all the time, even when we are asleep. Our physical bodies are transmitting signals all the time and in our minds our thoughts are running as one continuous sequence.

All these signals and thoughts are linked to our emotions. If anyone asks us, we can tell them how we are feeling at any given time and we get this from how we are feeling. This is fed from our emotions.


It happens to all of us that often, daily, weekly or maybe just sometimes, we get overwhelmed with whatever is going on in our lives. We feel we cannot cope with something, someone, a situation, or our whole life.



The very minute we start to feel overwhelmed, fear sets a seed and our thoughts start to spiral. Unfortunately, they spiral downwards and multiply faster than raindrops on a windowpane. This makes us feel even more tired and unable to deal with whatever we are thinking about. The thing we were originally thinking about has also grown, and other things are rapidly adding to the mix, and before you know it….meltdown happens and we are overwhelmed.


Fear can grow so quickly, and with fear you get all the unhappy emotions, and unhelpful beliefs about yourself, and they have a great party together. You are left feeling unable to cope.



The truth is you are very capable, able to cope and deal with everything, but that spark of fear sets off a chain reaction and you hit a wall. You know what starts all this off?



Tiredness… are simply tired


The situations and your life are all manageable and you are coping, very well indeed.



Ask yourself ‘Am I tired’. Yes, you probably are.



Take comfort and try not to let your mind dwell on the worries, challenges and uneasy things in your life when you are tired. Nurture yourself, be kind to yourself and stop thinking till you can get some rest. Put it all on the mental shelf, till you feel rested. Think of things that soothe you and raise a smile, look after yourself and turn to a trusted source to talk things through. A psychic reader will soon tell you if your fears are real. The comfort to be taken from a soothing voice telling you that all is well is restful in itself.



You have all the skills, creativity, humour and character you need to cope with your life, you simply need rest.



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