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Seven Ways to Relieve Stress Now


Stress is such a common part of life that you may take it for granted and believe you just have to soldier on.  But stress can make you less efficient, and much more tired.  It’s also well known that it can affect your health.  


There are plenty of things you can do about this, so follow our tips to be chilled out in a few moments.


The last thing you may feel like doing is giving a great big grin.  But actually it isn’t that difficult.  Take a short break and stand in front of the mirror.  Look yourself in the eye and beam at yourself. You might like to say a few words like ‘Come on, relax!’  or ‘It isn’t that bad, you know!’.  This can be the small action that turns you around.  Now go and smile at a few other people.  The good vibe will be contagious.


Haven’t got a pet?  Then get one!  Your pet always loves you.  Quality time with furry friends has been proved to make you less stressful and more open to the simple, good things in life.  So take the dog for a walk, dangle a string for the cat or just curl up with your pet and unwind.


Hugging someone enables you to discharge those jangly feelings and experience closeness.  It’s very reassuring and can make you feel everything is manageable – which it is, of course.


If possible go somewhere where you can gaze into the distance, onto hills, fields and trees.  Focusing your eyes on the horizon assures your brain that there are wider matters to claim your attention and you are part of something greater than all the pettiness that’s wound you up.


This may be a memory, or a scene you imagine – it doesn’t matter which, as long as you give it enough time for it to feel real, even if this is only for a few moments.


Sniffing a lovely perfume can send messages straight to your brain-stem, which is the most primitive part of your brain, governing your instinctual reactions.  Lavender is very relaxing, but if there is an aroma that reminds of childhood happiness, or any time you felt secure and content, that should work for you.


Forget what you’re doing for a moment and rub some soft, fragrant lotion into your hands, massaging your fingers and palms.  Take your time over this, sending yourself messages of relaxing and being cared for.
Shedding stress may not be easy.  Sometimes all the strategies don’t seem to work, or only work for a while. That’s one of the many reasons we¹re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to become more rational and positive, able to take life in your stride.  Put in a call today and be encouraged and supported.


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