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Five Bad Feelings That Are Good For You


We all want to feel good and standard advice tells us to be positive.  If you want to attract good things you should be optimistic, smile and have a constructive attitude.  So called ‘bad’ feelings can be destructive to you and your future.  If you give into them it will only make matters worse.  That sort of advice is all very well.  However, if you’re human it isn’t possible to be sweetness and light continually, and being told that you should be eternally bright and cheerful can give rise to guilt and low self-esteem, which naturally makes matters worse.



But what if all the received wisdom about cheerfulness isn’t quite right?  What if there’s a useful aspect to some of the nastiest emotions?  The truth is you can make them work for you, so take another look at the top five demons, because they may be angels in disguise.


Anger is considered undesirable and if you have too much of it you may be advised to go to anger management classes.  Getting angry automatically puts you in the wrong, in the opinion of many people.  It’s also bad for your health, raising your blood pressure and causing damaging stress.  But in some situations anger is absolutely the correct response.  If you are under threat, anger gives you the energy to cope with the situation and to retaliate.  The trick is to be aware of your anger and allow wisdom to direct it before that ‘red mist’ descends.  Know when to express your anger, clearly, forcefully but non-violently.  If your anger is righteous but showing it could be damaging to you, go off and rant and rave and punch cushions privately and then resolve that you will use the energy of your anger to improve your condition.  Anger can give you the courage to make changes – don’t deny or repress it.  Use it well. 


From a young age we are lectured to appreciate what we’ve got and not to hanker after the possessions or talents of others.  However, sometimes you just can’t help longing for something belonging to someone else.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Your envy is opening up a pathway for your ambitions.  Think about it – do you envy everybody anything they have that seems better than yours?  Then you need to work on your self-esteem.  But if you have two or three major ‘envies’ they are probably showing you the way you should be developing your talents.  Quite possibly that envy is pinpointing what you know deep within is right for you, what you could have, or be.  Use your envy as a spur to work hard and even if you never quite get where you dream of being, you’ll make some wonderful improvements and forget the original envy.


Wanting to get your own back on someone who hurt you is considered sinful.  Whatever is done to you, you should be above that.  Instead you should try to understand the mind of the one who persecuted you, and forgive them.  Rubbish!  It’s natural to want to give as good as you get and unbearably frustrating when you’re a victim.  But with vengefulness on your side you’re never a victim.  All you have to remember is the motto ‘Live well is the best revenge.’  Pour all your outrage and vindictiveness into that.  Build yourself up, and when you’re strutting your stuff and looking down at the person who hurt you, you’ll feel great – not because you’ve successfully retaliated but because, actually, they just don’t matter any more.


Thinking negatively, meeting trouble half way, worrying – all these can be detrimental to success.  However, this isn’t always the case.  Expecting the worst is a survival strategy and our brains, which haven’t changed much since the Stone Age, are still programmed to be prepared for danger.  This can be an advantage, enabling you to cope with challenging situations much better than the eternal optimist who may have fewer tools.  As long as negative thinking doesn’t get out of hand it can make you stronger and more efficient.


Guilt is a very destructive emotion that can lead to self-hatred and despair.  It is important to forgive yourself for the action you’re feeling guilty about, if you want to move on. However, a certain amount of guilt is great for softening the personality and leading to empathy and kindness.  People who are prone to guilt break fewer laws and are generally more considerate.  Feeling guilty shows you have a conscience, that you have standards of behaviour and morals.  When you feel guilty, do something to repair the situation.  If you can’t go back and put it right, do something constructive to restore the balance.  In the end your guilt will mean you have more to be proud of.
 It’s not always easy to accept and deal with tough emotions.  That’s one of the many reasons we’re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to chill and feel much better.  Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.
PUBLISHED: 26 January 2015
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