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Feel Reborn at the Winter Solstice


Any time of the year is great for a fresh start, but there’s something about the re-birth of the sun that brings a rush of hope and positivity, if you’re open to it.



What happens at the solstice?


‘Solstice’ means ‘standing still of the sun’.  This when the sun seems to halt in the sky, before starting its slow shift northwards again.  So for us in the North, days now gradually get longer, and warmth returns – although the effect of this may not be noticeable for many weeks.  The Midwinter Solstice this year takes place on December 21st, but it varies slightly from year to year.  (There is also a Midsummer Solstice, on or around June 22nd, when the opposite happens, the sun starts to move south, and our nights get longer.  See MIDSUMMER MADNESS 2014 for more information.) 


The solstice and you


What does it matter to you that the sun stops and returns?  As far as you’re concerned it’s still cold and gloomy and all you want to do is stay snugly and plan your holidays!  But without you realizing it, nature senses the solar movement, and responds.  Deep in the earth seeds and bulbs begin to grow, reassured that all is well and spring will eventually arrive.  Hibernating animals settle more happily into their dreams, knowing light and warmth are coming back.  Our ancestors looked to the skies for encouragement that their winter hardship would end, and within your bones, within your subconscious you also are aware of the important cycle.  Tuning into this helps you maximize your creativity and effectuality.  So re-connect with your roots and go with the flow.


Don't miss the solstice!


The celebration of the birth of Christ was timed to match the Midwinter Solstice, which was already an ancient pagan festival.  But Christmas comes a few days after – just when it’s obvious the sun really is coming back.  This means the Solstice itself is easy to overlook, in all the hustle and bustle.  Try to set aside ten minutes, late in the evening of December 21st, to reflect on the issues you’d like to turn around, the parts of you that have been ‘hibernating’ and the ways in which you’d like to become more creative and productive.  Savour a little peace, be aware that the rhythms of sun and earth are continuing as they always have and regain your sense of proportion. 

Be a Capricon!  


At the Midwinter Solstice the sun enters the sign of Capricorn.  This is the sign of Cardinal Earth.  Even if you aren’t a birthday Capricorn, you can still tune in to the finer qualities and bring them into your life.


CARDINAL means pro-active, forward-moving, taking charge.


EARTH means practical, common-sense and aware of the importance of life’s basics, such as money, job, comfort, security.


Ask yourself how you can be more active.  With Christmas almost here you may be very busy, but there are ways you can make a difference.  If you’re lonely and wish you had more to do, there are all sorts of schemes and projects you could launch yourself into.  For instance there are always people needed to visit those who are old and disabled – look into possibilities and be dynamic. See also how you can be more practical.  Have you been building ivory towers or barking up the wrong tree?  Time for a reality check – you’ll feel so much better for it.  

Make a fresh start  


A little ritual gets through to the most instinctual parts of you in a way that’s hard to imagine.  Have with you three candles, one gold, one green and one red; paper, pen and a red ribbon.  Play some seasonal music if you like – folk songs or carols, your choice.  A frankincense joss-stick will also be perfect.  On a small piece of paper write three things you want to disappear from your life.  Light your gold candle, turn off the lights and let the everyday world disappear.  Carefully burn your scrap of paper in the candle-flame (you’ll need a heat-proof dish for the ashes.)  Say ‘Troubles fade in the light of the re-born sun’.  Now light the red candle from the gold saying ‘Life and energy flow into my being.’  Then light the green candle from the gold, saying ‘Creativity and good fortune are mine.’  In the glow from the three candles write down three things you are going to do, or change.  It will help if you include at least one small thing that you can start immediately.  Roll up your paper into a scroll and place it somewhere safe – or you could hang it on your Christmas Tree.  Happy Solstice!

It’s natural to want some extra support, especially at the dark time of the year.  We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  If being your own medium is too hard, why hesitate?  Getting a reading could be the best present you’ll ever give yourself.  Put in a call today and feel reassured and encouraged.

 PUBLISHED: 8 December 2014

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