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Coping With Anxiety


We all feel anxious at times, such as when there’s an exam or interview ahead, or while we’re waiting for news.  However, if your anxiety is extreme, or if you are anxious over small things, then you know it’s a problem.  You may feel a ‘background’ anxiety a great deal of the time, finding it gets ‘topped up’ to an uncomfortable level by the slightest challenge, or you may find it comes over you in waves, for no obvious reason.  Anxiety is a problem of our times, often caused by the pressures of life.  However, you can learn to deal with your anxiety, be calmer and more content.



Signs of Turning Worry into Anxiety


Worry is a useful survival mechanism.  People who worry are often better prepared for difficult, or dangerous, situations.  Back in the day, when survival was a dodgy business, it was the ‘worriers’ that lasted longest.  But in today’s world, excessive worrying is counter-productive.  The adrenalin generated isn’t used by the body in ‘fight or flight’ response – instead if you’re a worrier you may stay hunched up and tense, and your health can suffer.  Worry turns to anxiety when it begins to affect your life.  Look out for the following signs that your worry has turned to anxiety.

•    You withdraw from work, and/or social occasions.  Some things now seem too daunting to face – these may include driving to certain places, going out alone, or speaking up when you need to.
•    You start to protect yourself by ‘safety behaviours’.  These include making plans to avoid situations that you find scary, such as finding excuses not to meet new people or eat in public.
•    Leaving the house may become an issue and you may need to check, and re-check that everything is okay.
•    When people do things that you aren’t happy with, such someone borrowing your things without asking, you don’t feel able to object.
•    Even small events are very threatening, and you turn them into catastrophes.
•    Bad things from the past play on your mind, and feed into a continual sense of doom and gloom.
•    You’re avoiding lots of opportunities and situations because they seem too scary to face.
•    You know that you’re making relationship, career and life-style choices on the basis of what’s safe rather than what you really want, but that’s all you can deal with – and you don’t feel safe anyway.
•    You’re having physical symptoms such as a racing heart, dizziness, palpitations and sweating.  You may also have muscle twitches, digestion and sleep problems and other habits such as nail-biting or tooth-grinding.

If several of these descriptions apply to you, then you are suffering from anxiety.  Don’t add this to your list of things to feel bad about.  Instead embrace it.  Be fully aware of your anxiety in all its intensity, registering your physical symptoms and emotional state.  This is how you are at the moment, but that will change.


Strategies to Cope with Anxiety



Look at your Behaviour. Some of this can be changed, without increasing anxiety. For instance, get enough sleep, eat well and lay off alcohol.

Make Sure You Excercise.
This is very simple and makes a world of difference, because it releases your body’s own version or morphine, putting you on a ‘high’

Start to accept small Challenges. If you are anxious about going out, commit to something manageable, such as meeting a close friend in a small café, or just visiting someone at home.

Take Friends ito Your Confidence. Shame or embarrassment is common if you’re anxious, but more people suffer from this than you would ever guess, and awareness is growing. Friends will appreciate being put in the picture and can then help and encourage you.

Confront Nagetive Thoughts. They just don’t give an accurate picture of the world. Think logically and try to base your decisions on this, taking baby steps at first.

Be Kind to Yourself . Don’t let self-criticism make your anxiety worse. It isn’t your fault. This will have been caused by negative role models or traumas early in life, and you can move on.


Coping with anxiety isn’t easy. Sometimes all the strategies don’t seem to work, or anxiety comes back in a different form. That’s one of the many reasons we¹re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world. Getting a reading could enable you to become more calm and confident, able to take life in your stride. Put in a call today and be reassured and supported.

PUBLISHED: 16 Feburary 2015

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