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Celebrate August Bank Holiday 2015


August Bank Holiday falls this year on August 31st.  Make the best of this special date.


Know your History

The Summer Bank Holiday started with the Bank Holidays Act in 1871. This was mainly to give people who worked in banks the chance to go to cricket matches. The right to a holiday then extended to all non-essential services. After a trial period from 1965 – 70, exactly one hundred years later the Banking & Financial Dealings Act of 1971 fixed this on the final Monday in August, in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland it remained on its original date of the first Monday in August.

The Importance Of Playing

Even those stiff Victorians realised that play was essential, giving employees time off to hang out on the village green. Play isn’t just for kids – it relieves tension and releases creativity. So before you decide to fill up your day off with DIY or other chores, ask yourself what’s really going to make you feel best, because this is a time for renewal.

Make Plans

Unless you make plans your morning could start with a long lie-in and the day half over before it has begun! You may think that lying in bed is good for you, letting you catch up on sleep, but research proves that this isn’t helpful – in fact the opposite. By all means linger for half an hour over your coffee, but then get up and get on.  Use this precious day productively and happily.

Nothing Hill Carnival

In London the Notting Hill Carnival is held. Costumes are fantastic and the celebration exuberant. There is dancing and music from steel drum bands. This festival began in 1965 and was first organized by immigrants from the Caribbean. It started as a protest against racism and prejudice and poor conditions. Now it is a wonderful multi-cultural event, attracting over two million people. The atmosphere is amazing. Why not make your Bank Holiday mantra ‘Party like Notting Hill’?

If You Have to Work

For various reasons you may not mind working on Bank Holiday, but if you do, try not to be resentful. Value what you do – it must be important. Because this is a holiday day, why not make a resolution to be extra cheerful? Wear something colourful (unless you’re in uniform), buy yourself and your colleagues a treat to eat and create an up-beat vibe.

Coping With Lonliness

Holidays are supposed to be fun, but they can be hell if things aren’t right in your life. It may seem as if everyone else is enjoying themselves, while you are alone. If this is you, remember that you aren’t alone! There are many people just like you, imagining that they are the only person in the whole wide world who doesn’t have friends and family to holiday with. The antidote for this is to keep busy.

Do Something Constructive

You know the holiday is coming up and if you’re going to be on your own, don’t just wait for the day to dawn and get depressed. Work, if your job allows it. If not, set yourself a list of tasks to complete. Better still, see if you can help out at a charity event (there are loads today, after all) a Food Bank or similar. Okay, you may not feel great but at least you’ll get through the day.

Never Compare Yourself to Others

We all do it – we’re all taken in by the ‘Happy Families’ image, and we try to live up to it. When things aren’t right in your life, watching people out in laughing groups can be very hurtful. However, do remember that the image is not the reality. Many of the happiest-looking groups of people are riven by strife, rivalry and other more unpleasant things. In addition, even for truly happy families, holidays are flash-points, when tensions surface and fighting can start. There may be much to enjoy in the peace you have – and after all, next year can be different!
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