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The Courageous and Passionate Aries Man


The Aries man is the epitome of masculinity and renowned for his loyalty and sexuality


The Aries man is the epitome of perfect masculinity. He is a natural born leader, a typical fire sign who can be dominant, with fiery and forceful characteristics. He is competitive, a man’s man, although is fair in his manner so is respected by women too. The Aries man says it like it is, he doesn’t hold back and he maybe needs to learn compassion and empathy towards others. He can appear aggressive in his style, but is not the bullying type – he just wants to be heard and to be able to put his point across. He often will not accept that he is wrong in situations, but give him time and he will contemplate his actions and rethink whether his approach was right. The Aries man personality is probably the most competitive of the zodiac signs, the sign of the Ram depicts that he forges ahead and will be able to fight any competition that comes in his way.

He is focussed, determined and because of his natural leadership ability, he is a successful career man…




Known for his competitive drive, the Aries man’s traits make him a good worker. He is focussed, determined and because of his natural leadership ability, he is a successful career man. He would be good in high up management, with his warrior mannerisms alongside a strong sense of fair play, to keep things in order and create the ultimate work team. He would be good running his own business, with high expectations of anyone he employs to fulfil their roles with 100% dedication and loyalty. The Aries man personality gives him a great deal of passion in whatever work he does, he is the caveman leader, the determined breadwinner, the focused salesman or director who will bring a company to profitable success. He will always strive to give his best and he will often make it to the top of the career ladder.

He is highly attractive, often athletic in his stature and the perfect example of a ‘good catch’…





If you are a woman who desires a man who shows raw masculinity, loyalty to his loved ones and family, and someone who is passionately aggressive about everything in his life, you need an Aries man! He is highly attractive, often athletic in his stature and the perfect example of a ‘good catch’. He is sincere and the Aries man in love, will be committed and give you his undivided loyalty. A relationship to an Aries man is important, he admires sexuality and is not a shy lover. The Aries man compatibility shows that he needs a woman who will be devoted to him, let him wear the trousers and respect that he wants to be in charge. However, he is not selfish or disrespectful, he just has natural characteristics that make keen to be in charge!

A SAGITTARIUS WOMAN – Fellow fire sign, the Sagittarian woman is energetic, sociable, active and an excellent Aries man compatibility. Her sexuality will excite the Aries man in bed and this relationship could be long-lasting and a match made in heaven. They are both sincere in their declaration of love for each other, with similar attitudes and interests that brings a harmonious compatibility.

THE GEMINI WOMAN – A not so obvious match but the Aries man loves the fun, energetic and passionate traits of the Gemini woman. This couple will explore their sexuality to the max, and the Gemini woman is happy to let the Aries man in bed take the lead! This relationship will be exciting, they are both active people who will share a common interest of learning and gaining knowledge of the world.

THE LEO WOMAN – This beautiful and intriguing lioness will capture the heart of an Aries man. Her natural prowess and ability to praise others, will be attractive traits to the Aries man in love. He will need to learn to share centre stage with her but they will complement each other in the limelight. Adventurous and active, these two will share the same passionate thirst to explore their sexuality.

THE ARIES WOMAN – This is a wild card relationship. It could be a perfect match or it could be a complete disaster! These strong characters will either completely adore each other’s passion and drive, or they will fight over who is in charge. The Aries man in bed will excite her, and their passion will undoubtedly be matched. However, both have quick tempers and lack patience when it comes to understanding each other, if there is no leniency in their relationship.

He is sincere, will not play mind games and will be open and honest with you right from the start…






The Aries man needs to always have some independence, as long as he has a man cave, or somewhere he can call his own, he will be loyal, loving and a potential life partner. He is sincere, will not play mind games and will be open and honest with you right from the start. So what characteristics makes an Aries man compatibility an easy catch? The Aries man personality is passionate, active and determined. He needs to be with someone who admires this and also has the same drive in life. He is not one for over-emotional people as he lacks patience. He needs his life partner to be strong like him, feminine and admirable, he doesn’t do mind games and he doesn’t like insincere people. He is attracted to energetic, happy and ardent lovers and he is not a time-waster, he will make his intentions clear from the beginning. Have you met an Aries man? Are you attracted to an Aries but not sure how to capture his heart? Call today and find out if you have a future together! Speak to our expert astrologists and psychics at TheCircle to know what’s coming up for you, what signs are compatible with you and if your soulmate is just around the corner.

PUBLISHED: 01 April 2016




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