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Six Ways To Find Balance At The Equinox


The Autumn Equinox falls this year on September 23rd.  it is the point when light and dark are equal all over the world, but after the Equinox, in the Northern Hemisphere, darkness gains ground and the nights grow longer.  This is a time for meditation and to reflect on priorities.  Nature is in balance – but are you?  if you often feel pulled two ways, or that your life is out of kilter, follow our six point guide to find that inner ease and harmony.




If you spend a lot of time dashing around, trying to fit in with the demands of others, your own inner voice will not be heard.  The things that are important to you and the directions on your personal path will be drowned out.
Show respect for your intuition by trying to hear it.  On the Equinox itself, plan some tranquil time.  Light a purple candle and sit peacefully in front of it.  Observe all your thoughts and feelings and realise that although you have these thoughts and feelings, you are a being separate from them.  Relax as much as you can and just feel peaceful.
When you experience peace and stillness you can ask yourself what you really want from life.  What should your next step be?  How can you achieve balance?  Using some oracle cards that appeal to you, ask a question and pick a card.  See how useful that card is.  Resolve that you will make a habit of being peaceful and consulting your oracle, so your intuition gains in power.
Cleaning isn’t just for spring.  With each major change of season it’s good to tidy up.  In Autumn the purpose is to clear your mind and make way for the coming dark time.  As winter closes in you may find it harder to get motivated – who wants to poke in cluttered cupboards when the nights are so long?  You want to feel cosy, able to reach out for what you need and relax.
So celebrate the Equinox by sorting out your rubbish, giving stuff to charity and making sure your home is going to welcome you, uncluttered and orderly, on those murky evenings when you want to feel snug.


Sort out your priorities by having some time away from your usual routine.  Do something different such as take a boat trip or climb a mountain.  Take yourself into an environment where you have to concentrate on your well-being and cope with the elements – even if this just means walking in a storm.
How do you feel?  Away from all the demands of nine-to-five what comes to your mind?  What is your life really about?  What makes the blood pound in your veins and puts a spark in your eye?  What brings you inner peace and makes you comfortable?  Open yourself to learning just a bit about yourself, to take with you into the winter.


While the seasons are poised, ask yourself if your own life has that equilibrium.  Do you have time to rest and relax?  Do you have opportunities to do things for fun, be with friends and also pamper yourself?
Time for such things is not an option, it is a necessity!  If you’re having to work too hard you will burn out.  Would you drive your car at 90 miles per hour all the time?  No!  So what makes you think you can do that to your body?  Treat your body Like the priceless precision instrument that it is and make sure you have time to relax.


Love, as they say, makes the world go round.  It’s the ‘glue’ that holds the fabric of existence together.  But love is a two-way street.  Yes, you may give love unconditionally, but as well as loving others, do you love yourself?
Think about the love you give, the caring for friends and family and all the kindness you spread around.  Resolve to do more random acts of kindness as you pass through your days.  Resolve also to love yourself!  Work on experiencing real love for yourself, focusing on your vulnerability, your kindness, your special qualities.  Care for yourself first, and you will have so much more to give.


As the weather gets colder it’s tempting to hunker down and stay indoors in front of the telly, but that’s not advisable.  To keep a sense of balance you need to stay connected with the natural world.  Try to take at ten minute walk, at the very least, each day, and half an hour at least at the weekend.
As you walk, touch trees and stones, collect pebbles, twigs, feathers and anything you find that seems interesting.  You can collect these in a special Nature Basket or pot.  Touch them from time to time to feel grounded and affirm your sense of reality.  The earth may be going to sleep but life moves on and everywhere there is order and – balance.



We’ve considered the importance of listening to your intuition, having a clear-out, taking time out, reviewing your work/life balance, resolving your love equation and spending time outdoors.  Practicing any or all of these will help, but for the most benefit at all times, call one of our highly-skilled Readers for all the advice you need to balance your life and be content.



PUBLISHED: 26 September 2018


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