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Medium Readings : A Brief History of Medium Reading

Medium Readings

Medium Readings

Medium readings have been used as a tool for contacting spirits or angels since the dawn of humanity. Psychic mediums have the ability to receive and interpret energies from the spirit world. The Old Testament of the Bible contains one of the first recorded instances of a medium reading. The first book of Samuel tells the tale of the Witch of Endor, a medium who evoked the spirit of the prophet Samuel and facilitated his communication with King Saul, to whom he gave advice regarding a future battle.


The practice gained popularity with the growth of Spiritualism in the United States and England during the 19th-century. Sisters Leah, Kate and Margaret Fox furthered the practice with their lectures and demonstrations throughout the state of New York. Other mediums such as Emma Hardinge Britten and Paschal Beverly Randolph also promoted medium readings by connecting people with spirits through demonstrations around the United States and Western Europe. Allan Kardec's collection of research and interactions with spirits were published in 1860 as the "Spirits Codification." The five-book series helped make medium readings a popular and trusted method of communication with the dead. Other prominent mediums like Franz Mesmer and Emanuel Swedenborg made long-last contributions to the practice with their published works on trance and hypnotism as tools to contact the spirit world.

Women played a vital role in the spread of mediumship throughout the 19th century. In addition to the Fox sisters and Britten, Cora L.V. Scott enchanted audiences with her ability to speak to spirits and eloquently describe the spirit world. Achsa W. Sprague suffered a terrible bout with rheumatic fever in 1847 and attributed her recovery to spiritual intercession. She spent the rest of her life traversing the country, lecturing about medium readings.



How medium readings are able to help me?

Our mediums, psychics and Tarot Readers build on these traditions, facilitating communication with the spirit world. Actings as a channel of communication, they can deliver messages from beyond this world. These messages can provide closure or spirit guidance to the recipient.


Call one of our mediums, psychics or Readers  to book a medium reading today and discover what messages the spirits have for you. 

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