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What is the Difference Between a Medium and a Clairvoyant?


Difference Between a Medium and a Clairvoyant?


Psychic abilities vary from one person to the next, and there is often confusion between the accepted terms.

A clairvoyant is someone with the ability to experience psychic phenomena in a visual way. This differs from the other three methods of communication - clairaudience, clairscentience and clairgustance. Clauraudience is hearing information, clairsentience is literally “clear feeling” while the lesser-known clairgustance is to experience through smell. A person may possess one or more of those gifts, but what distinguishes such psychic abilities is that they are essentially ways of receiving messages.

A psychic is not necessarily a medium, but a medium has psychic gifts. Mediums communicate with spirits such as those who have died, spirit guides, angels, etc. While a clairvoyant will tune into the energy of people or objects, using intuition, a medium will tune into the spirit energy surrounding a person.


Mediums rely on the presence of non-physical energy outside of themselves to receive information. For those who practice mediumship, their role is to make connections with and deliver messages from people who are no longer living to those who are alive. A medium acts as the go-between for this side and the other, sometimes using trance channeling to allow themselves to completely go “out” and allow a spirit to take over their body. Some psychics can use automatic writing to channel the spirit.



Clairvoyance is using one’s ability to gain knowledge or information that is beyond normal human perception. It is a form of extra sensory perception, rather than a deliberate seeking out of spirits, angels or souls. If you are visiting a psychic who uses clairvoyance, they will be able to tell you things about your past, present and future using intuitive gifts. In contrast, a medium is someone to visit if one is hoping to contact a loved one who has passed on, to receive personal messages.


While you would consult a clairvoyant to validate things for you that have happened in the past and things that are happening now, there will be some who will hesitate to give direction about the future.

This is because the future can be subject to change, and free will must also be considered. Clairvoyants may be aware of having a specific psychic guide who passes on information to them, but this will be different to the kind of “performance medium” who gives shows there they will communicate with dead souls and give information relating to members of the audience.


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