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Can I Learn to Understand Tarot Cards?


Can I Learn to Understand Tarot Cards?


Like anything that is worth learning, Tarot cards are something that can be understood on one level quickly, while taking a lifetime to master. 


So to someone who has never used Tarot cards before, the key is to find the right guidance in the first place. If you're headed in the right direction from day one, it's something that you can develop long-term. 


The key with Tarot cards is that they are all contextual. On one level, the answer to the question: "what does The Chariot mean?" is "conquest, honor, success".  But if it were that black-and-white, it really wouldn't be helpful. Who's conquest? When? is a different set of questions, but it's important to understand that learning to interpret Tarot cards doesn't mean you will read a deck and see your uncle will break his leg playing soccer at the weekend.  


The word transformation is essentially a short-hand version of a card's potential meaning, given the circumstances. 


There are more possible combinations of Tarot cards than you would be able to get in the lottery draw, so asking what a specific card means will involve an explanation as to its significance in the context of the other cards chosen.  It is mostly a question of interpretation, and the more evidence you have for a reading the more accurate you will be able to be.


The first two cards may be the Wheel of Fortune and Justice, but depending on the cards that follow, those initial cards will be much better understood.  


Whatever card is started with, can be interpreted in various ways when understood in the wider context of the reading.  So it's important to have achievable goals when you go into the study of Tarot cards. Learn at your own pace, don't sign up for any kind of commitment that you might find difficult to sustain - especially if your life situation changes.  It is important that you gain enough enjoyment out of learning as possible. As long as you're having fun along the way, it will never be a chore. 


There are many bite-size videos on YouTube and other video sharing websites where people will be able to teach you how to read Tarot cards. And it's far better to start out by aiming to learn it like you'd eat an apple - one bite at a time. 


You can be sure, if you have a Tarot card reading from a professional, they will have studied for a long period so nobody can hope to become a master overnight.  If you access the videos on YouTube, it will automatically store what you have viewed in your History so they are easy to find later. That way, if you found something hard to grasp, it's not hard to pick up where you left off in the learning process by reviewing the same video. You can create a Playlist of helpful videos, called Understanding Tarot, and it will be an easy archive of learning materials. 


Finally, the beauty of YouTube videos is that they are commented on by viewers, as well as rated, so you can find the best sources for learning more easily.  You can type into a search box a phrase like "understanding Tarot cards" and then filter the results by the videos' popularity or ratings which will stop you having to wade through inappropriate or poor videos before finding the best stuff.



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