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The Second Chakra





The Second Chakra is called the Svadisthana Chakra. Svadisthana can be translated as ‘sweetness’. It is located by the coccyx, in the lower abdomen, next to the Root Chakra. It is coloured orange, the second colour of the rainbow, although Eastern systems suggest it is more of a deep red vermillion, which may feel more suitable. It is connected to sexuality and reproduction.


  • Intimacy and sharing
  • Having the ability to be open on a feeling level
  • Sexual health and balance
  • The exchange of subtle energies and the unconscious drives


If you find it hard to form intimate relationships, always holding back a part of yourself, afraid to be vulnerable, this can be a sign this chakra isn’t functioning well. Possibly you separate sex from love and affection, maybe you ‘use’ sex to dominate, control, manipulate or get what you want, rather than for simple pleasure and closeness. Maybe you have been misused and/or abused. When this chakra is closed feelings and sexuality can stay disconnected and true intimacy is impossible, although this may not be obvious, or conscious. Impotence, frigidity or perversions could follow, although that is the extreme. Fear and inhibition, to a greater or lesser degree, are more likely. Close friendships can also suffer, and may be hard to maintain.


Traditional attitudes to sex have hurt this chakra. Modern permissiveness may not help at all – in fact they can do more harm, encouraging sex without responsibility. This doesn’t mean that sex should be something that always involves heavy commitment – the ‘responsibility’ is to interact honestly and openly, with respect for yourself and the other person and a consideration for their feelings. Hidden fears, repressed memories and unconscious images are all part of the wounds. So much goes on below the surface of consciousness, and this chakra connects strongly with this realm.


While the Root Chakra is connected to the Element of Earth, the Second Chakra is Water, linking with the emotional life. This is often repressed or regarded as unimportant or inconvenient in our times. To strengthen your Svadisthana Chakra try the following:
  • Spend time by lakes, rivers or the sea, reflecting on the fluidity and freedom, the ever-changing and ever-renewing nature of water
  • Be aware of how the phases of the Moon affect you – notice your energy, sexuality, creativity, health and reactions to others
  • Enjoy being out in moonlight, whenever you can
  • Take a note of your dreams, as messages from your unconscious
  • Develop your psychic awareness – but be careful to protect yourself by remaining grounded and working within a recognised system (such as Angel Guardians or Wicca) or with a reliable teacher
  • Develop an awareness of past lives and the karma that you have collected
  • Think carefully about your sexuality and motivations in relationships.  Don’t feel guilty if you recognise you have had mixed motives, for we’re all human, and you are starting on the path, not aiming for perfection


Opening your chakras is a significant step on your spiritual path. However, doing this takes time, so start with simply becoming aware of your second chakra. Lie down and relax. Concentrate on this chakra, imagining its orange colour and then feeling it drawing energy up through your root chakra. Imagine the chakra glowing and vibrant low down in your abdomen. You will probably experience a tingling – feel this flow of energy establishing itself. Just continue to relax, and when you’re ready affirm that both your chakras are closing by visualising this strongly. Take a drink of water and touch your palms to the earth, to ensure the chakras are closed and you are properly grounded.
As you start to work with your chakras you may well need some expert insight and direction. You may also want someone wise to talk to about your feelings and experiences. Don’t worry – at TheCircle we have all that you could wish for in Psychic Readings and Clairvoyant Readings. Why not call us today, to be connected to a Medium, or Psychic and to feel supported and guided.



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