Love, Relationships and Family

More Than A Kiss
World kissing day

Love makes the world go round and there's nothing sweeter than a kiss.

My Friend Forgiving Me

Have you said something awful and your friendship is failing. 

Wanting to fix it...
Meaning of Fathers Day
Honouring the fathers.

Fathers Day as we know it began on July 21st 1908.


Lets Celebrate...

Life and Destiny

Independence 4th July

We all know about America's festivities on the 4th of July. 


Big Celebrations...
Staying Youthful
Stay youthful

There is nothing you can do to prevent the years rolling by. 

You can remain young...
Midsummer Faries
Midsummer Fairies

Faries often grant us wishes and are to tell the truth. 


The summer fairies...

Loss and Grieving

My Sense of Humour
Sense of humour

Being able to see the funny side of life is a great gift. 


Don't force the issue...
Letting Sadness out
let it out

Life is a struggle for all of us at time, you want to be carefree, put in the effort. 

Happiness is a choice...

This happens to everyone at one time or another. 


Recovering from it...


Your Root Chakra
Maladhara Chakra

The Root Chakra is called the Maladhara Chakra. 


Element of Earth...
The Line of Success
Line of success

Without it life can ba a bit hard and it may be more difficult to stay positive. 

Line of sun...
Dreaming Of Writing
Dreaming of writing

Dreams are communications from your subconscious


Your true needs...


Celebrate Tanabata
Celebrate Tanabata

The Japanese festival of Tanabata falls on July 7th.


Traditions of Tanabata...
Birthday Cancer
Celebrate birthday Cancer

Your birthday has come around, Remind yourself of your talents.

This is how to shine...
Gemini Woman Love
All in mind

Ms Gemini is flirty and vivacious, but can her heart be captured?



Kings and Queens

Your journey through the Tarot has now arrived at specifics. 

Your journey...
Your Number Eleven
Your Number Eleven

You can relate to Eleven as a Destiny Number.


Master number...
Your Number Nine
Your Number Nine

You're on a quest for 'truth' whatever that may be.


Your personality...
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