Love, Relationships and Family

Be a Great Partner
Great Partner

You may believe you know your partner through and through. 

Understand your partner...
Helping with Anxiety
Partner with Social Anxiety

It's the overwhelming and continual fear of social situations.

Don't neglect basics...
Toxic Habits To Avoid
Toxic Habits in Relationship

Most of us long for a good relationship, with love, honesty and support.

Good Relationship...

Life and Destiny

Calendar Of Colour
New Age

Indigo is a mixture of blue and violet and was originally derived from a plant. 

Colour of clarity...
Journey To Your Soul
Journey To Your Soul

How far would you be prepared to go to understand your true self? 

Soul memory...
Be Kind and Feel Great

Being Kind isn't just about 'doing the right thing' 


Practice Empathy...

Loss and Grieving

Can't Cope With Life
Unable to Cope with Life

We all get that feeling at times - life seems ouot of control and overwhelming. 

Take some space...
Dealing With Regret
We all have regrets

If regret is a problm for you then chances are your life isn't so great. 

Moving onwards...
My Sense of Humour
Sense of humour

Being able to see the funny side of life is a great gift. 


Don't force the issue...


Celebrate Lammas
Lammas Meditation

The Corn Spirit is one aspect of the dying and resurrecting.


The Corn Spirit...
The Line of Health
Line Health

The Line of Health also called the Hepatica. 


Find your health line...
The Second Chakra
The Second Chakra

The Second Chakra is called the Svadisthana Chakra.


Svadisthana Chakra...


Blue Moon

2 full moons appear within a month, the 2nd to appear is called the Blue Moon. 

What is a Blue moon?...
Cancer Man Love
Cancer Man

Mr Cancer can be a surprising mixture. He's protective and considerate. 

Canny and Caring...
Man Communications
Cancer Man Communications

Mr Cancer's greatest assets is that he actually listens. 


Considerate Cancer...


Your Number 22
Your Number Twenty-Two

Twenty-two has secret significance as a number of revelation and completion.

An Esoteric Number...
Knight & Page Pentacles
Knight And Page Of Pentacles

The suit of Pentacles refers to the body.


Knight and Page...
Kings and Queens

Your journey through the Tarot has now arrived at specifics. 

Your journey...
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