Love, Relationships and Family

Work and Relationship

A whole raft of fears and aspirations can be wrapped up in it. 

Talk about feelings...
Sex Change
Gender Dysphoria

Are you feeling trapped in the wrong body? 


It's relatively common...
How to Cope
Seen it all

We are all taught from our earliest years that we should care for others.

Learning compassion...

Life and Destiny

Moving House
Moving house

It’s all too easy to take our home for granted

It can be scary...
Are You An Introvert?

You think being an extrovert is better and healthier?


Feeling happy...
Are You A Hoarder?
Deal with it!

It's very easy to justify hanging on to stuff, saying it'll come in handy. 

Keep what we don't need...

Loss and Grieving

Financial Loss
Coping with financial loss

Substantial financial loss has driven many people to suicide. 

State of mind...
Feel Lost?
Lets get real.

Everything you care about has gone. 


Find hope...
Positive Losses

Fear of losing something/person we value? 

Turn it into a positive...


The Line of Life
Line Life

The line of Life tells a great deal about health and energy.

The Line of Heart
Line Heart

The line of Heart tells the story of way you care for others. 

The Line of Head

The Head Line is the line that runs across the palm.

Glimpse the line of head...


April Predictions
April 2015

What does April 2015 have in store for you?


Birthday Aries
Happy birthday Aries

Your birthday has come around and its a great time to take stock

Happy Birthday!
Aries Man Love
Aries Man

This guy’s ruled by Mars – you’d better believe it!


Mr Aries likes a challenge...


Moon, Sun and Judgement

Your Journey through the Tarot continues,


Understand the symbols...
Your Number Seven
Your Number Seven

Find out what your numbers mean

Sight into your number seven...
Your Number Six
Your Number Six

Find out what your numbers mean

Insight into your number six...
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