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Love, Relationships and Family

Assertive Relationships
Assertiveness in relationships

Make sure you are heard without being overbearing


Assert yourself effectively...
Parent, Adult or Child?
Parent, Adult, Child

Relationships are complex things and most of us expect an awful lot from them. 

What role do you play?
Playing the Child
Playing child in your relationships

Enacting the Child in your relationships can seem like fun, at least for a while

Is it worth it?

Life and Destiny

Embracing Easter
Embracing Easter

Easter is a time of renewal and re-birth

Make new starts and feel energised...
Meditation Skills
Skill of meditation

Being able to meditate is a valuable aptitude, especially in today’s hectic world.

Develop this talent...
Feng Shui Your Desk
Feng Shui Your Desk

Feng Shui promotes the flow of positive energy

Harness the power of Feng Shui...

Loss and Grieving

Reincarnation Facts
Facts about reincarnation

Reincarnation means the rebirth of the same soul in different bodies.

Understand reincarnation...
Memorial Services
Creating a memorial service

These days it is becoming more customary to prepare one’s own memorial service.

Creating a fitting service...
Public Grieving
Public Grieving

How can you cope with a loss that everyone knows about?

Don't bottle it up...


Crystal Gazing
Crystal gazing

Crystal gazing is form of psychic perception


Open your inner vision...
Which 'Clair' Are You?
Which clair are you?

Do you believe you aren’t psychic because you can’t see spirits? 

Recognise your 'clair'...
Become More Psychic
Conflicting Psychic readings

We are all innately psychic, but we tend to ignore the promptings of our instincts.

Develop your talent...


Daily horoscopes
Free daily horoscope

Your free daily horoscope courtesy of acclaimed astrologer Patrick Arundell!

What will today bring?
The Lunar Cycle
Living in tune with the lunar cycle

The phases of the Moon have a profound, yet often subtle effect on life on earth

Live in tune with the moon...
The Waxing Moon
Attuning to the waxing moon

Go with the flow when the Moon is waxing and carry your life forward

Now is a period of growth...


Being Happier..
Tarot card can make you happier

Tarot reading can actually have an everlasting uplifing effect on you...

Happiness is Paramount..
Monthly Tarot card

Every month we pick a card and discuss its properties and its meaning.

The Devil card!
Daily love Tarot

What do the Tarot cards have in store for your love life today?

Find out now!
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Pay just $ 0.59 per minute for 10 minutes!

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