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Love, Relationships and Family

Age Differences
Coping with the age difference

Falling in love across the generations isn’t uncommon but it can be isolating

Find acceptance...
Fighting with a Parent
Why can't I just get on with my parent?

Not getting on with one – or both – parents is very common

Ease the strain...
I Hate Myself
I hate myself

We’ve all had days when we look in the mirror and think ‘Yuk!’

Don't let it affect your life...

Life and Destiny

Shamanic Journeying
Your map for shamanic journeying

Shamanism is a very ancient form of travel into the spirit world

Increase your wisdom...
The Medicine Wheel
The magic of the medicine wheel

The symbols of the Medicine Wheel give you protection on your journeys

'Medicine' means 'power'...
Mid-Life Crisis
I'm Having a Mid-Life Crisis

The mid-life feeling can hit you anywhere between 35 to 55

What's it all about?

Loss and Grieving

I've Lost My Job
I've lost my job

Losing your job can be even more devastating than a relationship break-up

Life after unemployment...
Loss of a Child
Loss of a child

Saying a final farewell to your child is perhaps the most cruel bereavement of all

Pick up the pieces...
Losing Your Best Friend
I've Lost My Best Friend

Saying goodbye to your best friend can be one of the worst losses of all

Find a way forward...


Your Intro to Tarot
Your intro to the tarot

The Tarot is an ancient and beautiful system of divination


Your beginners guide...
The Spirit of Place
The Spirit of Place

There are many locations that have their own atmosphere

Spiritual locations...
World of Numerology
The world of numerology

Numerology is the art of interpreting the meanings of numbers

Understand numerology...


Daily horoscopes
Free daily horoscope

Your free daily horoscope courtesy of acclaimed astrologer Patrick Arundell!

What will today bring?
Your Sign on Holiday
Your Sign on Holiday

To avoid disappointment, consult our star-sign guide before you book

Have a wonderful holiday...
Fitness and Your Stars
Your Sign's Guide to Fitness

Being fit and healthy is so important, yet most of us struggle with this

Find motivation...


Being Happier..
Tarot card can make you happier

Tarot reading can actually have an everlasting uplifing effect on you...

Happiness is Paramount..
Monthly Tarot card

Every month we pick a card and discuss its properties and its meaning.

The Devil card!
Daily love Tarot

What do the Tarot cards have in store for your love life today?

Find out now!
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