Love, Relationships and Family

Anxiety Disorder
Helping your lover with AD

Is your lover suffering from any kind of anxiety disorder. 


Be well-informed...
Be a May Queen
May Queen

May is a heady, gorgeous month


Love Yourself
Forgive yourself

Most of us know that we should love ourselves.


Looking for self-worth...

Life and Destiny

Midsummer Solstice
Midsummer Solstice

Midsummer is the magical turning point of the year.


Understand the Solstice...
Balance Into Your Life
Tips to bring Balance

We all know that life has never been so busy. 


Set Boundaries...
Friendship to Unload
Five bad Friendships

Friendships are extremely important to all of us. 


We all need friends...

Loss and Grieving

Losing a Grandparent
Loss of Grandparent

Saying goodbye to a beloved grandparent can be heart-breaking

Moving on...
Failing an Exam
Oh No! I've Failed

After all that hard work the result comes back and you've failed!

The horrible feeling...
Lost my Talent
I've Lost My Talent

The first thing you need to realise is that you cant lose a talent. 

Don't panic...


The Line of Fate
Line Fate

The line of Fate can be a difficult line to spot.


Fate Line...
Intro to Chakras
Why are they important

The chakras are energy-centres within you. 


Conventional Wisdom...
Mayday Meditation
Mayday Meditation

Being able to meditate is a valuable skill, especially in today’s hectic world

Experience tranquility..


Buddha Day

This is a joyful festival which first enlightened 2500 years ago. 

Set your spirit free...
Taurus Woman Love
Happy Heifer

The Venue-ruled Taurean woman is possibly the most sensual in the Zodiac.

Mrs Taurus...
Taurus Man Love
Bull Lover

The Taurus male knows what he wants as hes persistent about getting it. 

Mr Taurus...


Your Number Nine
Your Number Nine

You're on a quest for 'truth' whatever that may be.


Your personality...
Intro to Tarot Courts
Fifth three major arcana

Your journey through the Tarot now comes closer to the everyday. 

Your journey...
Last Major Arcana
Last three major arcana and four suits

The World is your opportunity to recognize what truly is ‘real’ around you

Master of your destiny...
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