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Love, Relationships and Family

Unhappy Family
My lover doesn't like my family

Should you cut them off if your lover can’t get on with your family? 

Don't let love blind you...
Step-children: can they ruin our relationship?

So many families these days include step-children

Will it threaten your relationship?
My Lover is Impotent
My lover is impotent

Feeling that you’re missing out on one of life’s biggest experiences can be difficult

Help is available...

Life and Destiny

Reduce Stress
Seven strategies to reduce stress

We all have that feeling at times – too much to do, too little time

Tackle your stress...
Coping with Retirement
Coping with retirement

Retirement is a major rite of passage


You can find happiness...
Banishing Bad Moods
Banish that bad mood

Don't blame the rain - get busy and soon you'll be smiling again!

Having a bad day?

Loss and Grieving

Depression Support
Reach out when you're depressed

Being depressed is more than just ‘feeling down’

Remember, you are not alone...
Lost Direction in Life
Help! I've Lost My Direction in Life

There may not be any immediate solutions, but there are ways to cope

Emerge stronger...
Stop Grieving
Stop grieving and start living

No-one can get you out of your grief but you


Challenge your negativity...


Fairies in Your Home
Fairies in your home

Are you aware of a special atmosphere in your home?

Feel in-touch with fairy energy...
Water Magic
Water magic

Water is an amazing element about which we still don’t know everything.

Use water in your rituals...
Making a Talisman
Making a talisman

Is there something you want very much, but you need a bit of supernatural help to get it?

Making a talisman is fun...


Daily horoscopes
Free daily horoscope

Your free daily horoscope courtesy of acclaimed astrologer Patrick Arundell!

What will today bring?
Happy Birthday Libra
Happy birthday Libra

Learn about your personality traits and your year ahead


What's in store?
Celebrate Halloween
Celebrate Halloween

Did you know that Halloween is a key date in the year for nature worshippers?

Get in tune...


Second Three Major Arcana
The second three major arcana

Continue your Tarot journey with the second group of three Major Arcana cards

Understand the symbols...
Monthly Tarot card

Every month we pick a card and discuss its properties and its meaning.

The Devil card!
Daily love Tarot

What do the Tarot cards have in store for your love life today?

Find out now!
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