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Your Personal Year one


The influence of numerology isn’t static. You are born with certain important numbers that remain with you, but you are also affected by your yearly cycle. This shows what you are likely to be dealing with in any year – your challenges and your opportunities. Knowing your Personal Year gives you the heads up, empowering you and enabling creative change.



To find your current Personal Year, simply add the digits of the day and month you were born to the year of your last birthday. So, just as an example, if you were born on 14th June 1980 your Life Path is:
1+4+6+1+9+8+0 = 29, 2+9 = 11, 1+1 = 2 
During August 2015 your current Personal Year is found by adding:
1+4+6+2+0+1+5 = 19, 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1
So your Personal Year is 1, until your birthday in 2016, when you will enter you Personal Year 9.  


This is a year of new starts in many areas. These could be career, relationships, education or home life. Quite possibly you will take off in a new direction in several respects. Liberate your independence and originality. Now is not the time to be worrying about what other people think of you – do your own thing, sing your own song and have the courage to make your own mistakes, because you will learn from them and grow stronger. You may find others follow you, or you may go it alone – probably you’ll experience both of these.  Whatever, be yourself!


Have a massive clear out because you are at the beginning of a fresh nine year cycle and you want to set the scene. Begin with basics such as overflowing cupboards and that clogged up computer hard drive. Symbolically this is a message to your subconscious that you are making way for better things. Then progress to your wardrobe, car, home, job and relationships. Getting rid of things isn’t compulsory – don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Just be aware of what you truly need and don’t be held back by old stuff.


  • Don’t get bogged down – almost any movement is better than none
  • Abandon all ideas of doing things the way they’ve always been, just because they’ve always been that way
  • Team playing – this may not suit you this year
  • Sticking to a course that’s taking you nowhere
  • Being stubborn – it isn’t the same as being independent


  • Clear out possessions, jobs, relationships and other matters that are past their sell-by date and/or not working
  • Set clear goals – but be flexible
  • Be prepared to change course if necessary
  • Have a makeover
  • Move house
  • Get a new career
  • Start a relationship
  • Set aside time to relax – N.B. this is unlikely to come naturally, but it’s important if you are to avoid stress
  • Be positive about your achievements and abilities 


What have you been longing to do?  Is there something inside that you’ve been dying to express?  Have you been going along with the ideas of others and conforming to their wishes, yet feeling discontented?  This is the year to break the mould.  During year One you should be following your heart and exploiting any talent that you have.  Learn as much as you can, take a few chances and reach for the stars.  Do you really want to get to a point in life where you regret not having a go?  What’s the worst that can happen?  Don’t let fear of failure cramp your style. 
Check out other articles on this site to find your important numbers.  In particular read YOUR INTRODUCTION TO THE AMAZING WORLD OF NUMEROLOGY.  Meanwhile, for help in the way you run your life, call our inspiring Readers and talented Psychics at TheCircle.  Tarot, for instance, is a marvellous tool for insight.  We offer Tarot Card Readings and other Readings to empower you and make you feel encouraged.



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